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fart jokes are the best
by raen

previous entry: January 23, 2021

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Do you know what's great? No? I'll tell you! It's great when you learn that you are being demoted not from the manager or owner of the place you work, but by the slight change of job title in the schedule posted publicy in the staff room. Quite possibly the most unprofessional action I have ever seen. When I asked about it (originally thinking it was a typo/computer error) Craig hummed and hawed about it before saying in a timid voice we would talk about it. Well, Craig, it's been over a week. Where is this "talk" we're supposed to have?


And somehow they expect me to fill out this survey about things I'm proud of and things I want to learn or work on. How am I supposed to fill that out when all I can think is that they've just destroyed any respect I have for them? And what really makes me mad is that this other assistant manager I work with is getting manager training despite the fact that he commits time theft regularly. Like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. 


So I'm job hunting now. And I have half a mind to not give them two weeks notice the moment I find a new job. And when they ask me why I am leaving, I'm going to tear a strip off them both. The lack of respect is just fucking astounding. I hate how Craig is incapable of properly disciplining his staff. I hate how Jalpa plays favourites and gives her pharmacy staff raises that are fabulous while the rest of us get bullshit for a raise. I hate that Jalpa treats anyone not in the pharmacy part like shit. I hate how Craig lets her walk all over him and everyone else. I hate that they both reward bad behaviour while the good employees are treated like shit.


I've never been so mad in my life. I cannot. I just....blah. Fuck them. Once I get a new job, they'll be lucky I even give them two weeks notice. Assholes. They get the respect they give. 

previous entry: January 23, 2021

next entry: February 18, 2021

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Well, THAT's fucked. You've been there for basically forever. Was there anything that's happened to give you any expectation that this demotion might happen? I'd be surprised.

Good on you for taking control of your situation; shame on them for not treating you like a human being and a professional through any of this. Shame really isn't the right word. Not trying to inflame you more, but hard to not agree with whatever vilification you choose to give them.

Maybe the other Assistant Manager has some goods on them? Lol. Sounds like Still Waiting...

Interested to see where you go next; us Millenials don't do well staying in one place forever anyway.

[Supersword|0 likes] [|reply]

There was no indication at all. Nothing had happened to incite this demotion. I've been doing my job this entire time. They apparently just like to punish people who do their jobs properly and reward people who do not.

[raen|0 likes] [|reply]

This sounds a lot like the crap they pulled at my daycare job(s)

[Ethan JamesStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Diary added to your faves.
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