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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Non-covid entry


So I started emailing vendors for the wedding. I have the time so I figured I'd start browsing. If there are any bride-to-bes out there, I recommend's Canadian so maybe there's something similar in your own country. Anyway, I think I might have found the makeup artist for the big day. I also have a few venues I've emailed that look promising. There's a unique one up the street from where I live, actually. It's a converted church with a beautiful loft area. But at the same time there's a hotel that is super affordable and is beautiful from the photos.  My issue is going to be finding a photographer since I'm super picky about it. But I should be picky about that. It's one of my main hobbies, and I know decent photography when I see it. I also think I'm going to have my friend Jenny do my hair. She's my stylist already, and I'm just hoping she's willing to come to me for it....not that it would be terrrible if I went to her for the hair portion of getting ready.  


My sister is going to walk me down the aisle. My mom asked me what I was planning with that and at first I thought I'd just go down the aisle by myself, but then my MOH suggested my sister after Chris suggested my MOH. So I like that idea. She'll probably wear burgundy since that's one of the colours of the wedding. The other colour is a very dark blue. Chris said he wants to wear a charcoal grey. I think he'll look sharp in that. I have no idea what kind of dress I want to wear. I keep bouncing between something flowy and whimsical, and something clean and classic. I know it'll probably be a-line since I want some body to the skirt but not so much that I can't even sit down. And strangely, I'm really digging the blush tones. That might look weird with the colour choices I've made so far....or it might not. We'll find out when I actually get to the part where I'm trying on dresses. Which, I admit, freaks me out a little bit. 

previous entry: Weddings and viruses

next entry: The Circle: A Review/Opinion (Spoilers ahead)

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Christopher wore grey on our wedding day. Though, we kind of matched the season, too, because we married in may. His family is very big on "color themes" and maroon(which are our colors) "just wouldn't do" for spring. Just remember this is YOUR day. We decided to walk down the aisle together. Even though my father is in my life, and I see him on a regular basis, i would feel weird walking with him. And he's super shy.

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