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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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May 4th 2019


First of all, May the Fourth be with all of you nerds!


Second: I interviewed for Assistant Manager at work recently. I'll find out if I got it on Monday. Sucks to have to wait, but there it is. The other person who interviewed apparently will quit if she doesn't get it. And honestly I don't think she cares about her job to begin with. She has a bad attitude about doing many of the things she's asked to. She doesn't exit her current department without something dramatic, gets upset about working on weekends, gets upset about working until ten PM, and I honestly don't know what she thinks being an Assistant Manager means then. She would be required to cover shift shortages, stay late, step into other departments, etc. These are all things I have already done in the past and still do currently. You do what you have to in order for you workplace to run smoothly. You can't just do one thing and think that's all you need to do. You have to lead by example and put the needs of your workplace first. At least while you're at work. Being upset about changes and gossiping are not professional. But, we'll see how it goes.


Third: I did a boring thing involving securing my life as a retired person later down the road. Chris' brother is a financial advisor and investor, so he set me up with a TFSA with low to moderate risk. If I get the Assistant Manager position I'll increase the amount that comes out of my account and into the TFSA, I otherwise will keep it low for a while. I'm excited and I feel pretty good about my money plans. Took me long enough. My mother never really spoke to any of us about planning ahead and I feel like it was hard because she had four kids and not an awesome income as a single mother. Such is life. Better late than never!

previous entry: April 26th, 2019

next entry: May 8th 2019


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Hope you get the Assistant Manager job! x [The RyanStar] [reply]

Hope you get the job! And my daughter turned 1 on May 4th.

[Ethan JamesStar] [reply]