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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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May 16, 2019


Metal mouth.


My mouth tastes like metal. I'm on this antibiotic right now and it's making my mouth taste like metal and it's horrible. Yesterday I felt like throwing up the whole day. Today it's metal mouth and random dizzy spells. And if I have a drop of alcohol, I'll become violently ill. Let's hear it for bacterial infections!  I love going to the doctor so frequently they basically just preemptively know what prescription needs to get filled.  Although, this one was new so they must have enjoyed the change in pace. Lol


I can hear fireworks currently. We're home on our computers and the lights are off, music is playing softly in the background, and there are fireworks going off in celebration of the long weekend. Nevermind the fact that the real Victoria Day is May 24th; they always put it on the third weekend of May. They've turned an actual day into a drinking weekend. How embarrassing. 


I'm exhausted. I spend most of the day at work on the phone with either IT or OLG. IT is awful; they never know how to fix the problem and always escalate it to Tier Two. They should just automatically escalate it. Lazy fucks. OLG is a constant stresser. Whenever a cashier messes up, or we find an unclaimed ticket, we have to call them and it's always a huge hassle. If people could just do their jobs properly, that would be great. 


I got my new shirts for my new position. They're hideous. The life of uniform jobs, I guess. 

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