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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Holidays in Retail


Well, as per usual, the server went down yesterday at work. I work in a pharmacy and in the time I've worked there I have noticed that the holiday season doesn't make people nicer. What it does is gradually turn people into huge assholes the closer to the holiday in question we get. And when the server goes down and we can't process debit or credit payments, it really shines a light on the whole situation. I was yelled and screamed at, people threw their items at us all, and in general blamed us for a technical issue. Let me tell you: If I heard one more person tell us to put a sign on the door I was going to clock someone. We put signs up on the doors, and all of the registers to warn people. And guess what? They still didn't read the signs. So, here's the lesson: Get your nose out of your phone and look around you.


Everyone is guilty of having their faces in their phones. I'm including myself. But I am off my phone when I am shopping or dealing with people. I am off my phone at meals, I am off my phone when I am with any person face to face. And do you know why? Because my mother taught me to be present when I am with people. And because it's rude to not pay attention to people when you've made plans to spend time with them. This is why if Chris and I ever have kids, they wont be having phones until they understand that they need to respect the people around them and understand the responsibility of having a cell phone.


So yeah, get your faces out of your phones and see the beauty in really communicating with the world.

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You're an allstar for retail during the holidays.

When the servers/systems go out during rush times, it's not only irritating AF for the customer, but of course the cashier/employee gets frustrated. I always show compassion during these times because 1 - if the customer planned more accordingly for their time to do their tasks, it would be fine.. and 2 - it's not a life threatening situation.

When I worked hospitality during the holidays and people got in a bunch about stuff, I would literally just smile through it like, hey it is what it is. It took A LONG TIME to get there because it used to piss me off ha ha but -- MORE POWER TO YOU LOVE.

Cheers to your comment.... Pay attention to the world, if you want to be on your phone so bad, buy the shit you're buying here on it.

Ha ha.

Take care! [fireworks] [reply]