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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Here's a Thought


I am sitting in my living room and I can see a dog taking a huge shit outside. LOL And the owner is actually picking it up. Kudos. 


I'm going to Toronto after work on Friday with Rachel. We're seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show live. A friend is playing Brad Rogers in it, which is exciting. I didn't really want to go Friday, but I'm not the driver. Chris and I were going to see Bohemian Rhapsody on Friday after work, but we can reschedule. I'm excited to see Rocky Horror, but not excited about Toronto. That city is stressful, and overcrowded. Granted, I live in a city, but it feels like a small town where everyone knows each other. It's a cozy waterfront city. Toronto is a dramatic city, with too many flashing lights, and poor drivers.


It's a windy day today. My hair will be a gongshow by the time I get to work later. I hope it's quiet tonight. I'm tired, and I just want to relax. I am not motivated to work. People keep making stupid mistakes at work, and it's always up to me to correct it. As it is, I don't have very much to write about.


Today is a tired day for me. My skin is itchy as well. Sometimes my medication doesn't fully do what it's supposed to do. And I suppose I make it difficult because I have a penchant for hot showers. Hot is not my friend, ever. The resulting hives are painful, itchy, and always in places that are either embarrassing or very visible. But then again, my yoga pants give me hives too. If I wanted to survive without a reaction, I'd have to be naked and cold. Not really appealing for me. Let's hear it for autoimmune diseases! Yay chronically ill!!

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Chronic illnesses suck.

I can't wait to see Bohemian Rhapsody, but since I'm on medical leave finances are pretty tight. My stepson wanted to see Fantastic Beasts with me for my birthday so I might have to save up for that.

I mean, I know he'd rather be paying but he's 13, so not many opportunities for money. Especially with it being marching band season.

Wind and my hair do not get along, whatsoever.

But yay Rocky Horror!!

[Villy] [reply]

YES! RHPS!!!! What a great time that will be.

Hope Toronto is fun. I have never been.

Hopefully you get to rest today and don't have any issues with the AI. <3

[fireworks] [reply]

I love RHPS. My friends and I have a tradition every Halloween to go see it at the local movie theatre. We get dressed up and bring props. Last year I was Magenta. This year we didn't go because we're seeing it live.

Toronto isn't very exciting for the most part. Although, that's a personal opinion. A lot of people love it. It is worth going to see at least once; they do have lots of sights to see. I want to go to Ripley's Aquarium. Probably going to drag the boyfriend there sometime soon. [raen] [reply]

Your response on Toronto, people thinking it's super exciting/people love it, is much how my opinion on Nashville is. I hear ya. I love Aquariums. Youll have to share if you go!

YAYYYY RHPS is tomorrow!! so fun! [fireworks] [reply]

I want to go to Toronto! And Montreal. And Quebec. I miss visiting Canada. But I don't want to drive. I have family that live on the border of the States and Canada. I love it up there but from Connecticut it's a 10 hour drive.

Not sure why I'm rambling about that.

Also I'm freezing right now. I refuse to turn on the heat. I want to see how long I can hold out for. I'd rather snuggle with blankets than be hot. It's about 57 in my house right now. [teanahpea] [reply]

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