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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Essential Staff


We're all becoming zombies. It's not that it's physically demanding where I am employed. It's actually just exceptionally mentally draining. I've been taking early morning selfies, and after work selfies, and it looks like my eye makeup has run by the end of the day. Except I don't wear eye makeup and those are really dark circles. I'm fucking tired. 


I'm probably going to go on two weeks leave later this week when the supervisor on self-isolation returns. I'm super high risk and I'm super exhausted. I need a damn break. And I need to make it easier on my fiance since he is also going to work but is stressing out because his high risk fiancee is going to work at a pharmacy. So I'm going to go on a leave for the both of us. Our brains are useless.


Our kitchen is a hot mess. We're both too tired to do anything about it. Such is life.



previous entry: COVID-19

next entry: Weddings and viruses

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