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Learn to love yourself
by raen

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December 29, 2021


So December was a very stressful month in the pharmacy world. So much so that every couple of days I woke up in the middle of a flare up.  Our furnace has really been shitting the bed at home too, so sleep has been touch and go. We're waiting for some kind of microchip part right now. Who knows when that will arrive. A few days ago, I woke up at 1:30 in the morning, covered head to toe in hives. My mouth was swollen as well. I went to work just to do paperwork and my bosses sent me home. Four hours of sleep and in the middle of a flare up would not have worked out well for me. I really hate this disease. It sometimes destroys my way of life. Most of the time it destroys my way of life; who ware we kidding.


I've never been more grateful for a hot tub as I am right now. If we didn't have it, I probably would have imploded from the stress several times by now. Covid in my city is running rampant because of Queen's University. We're breaking records in Canada. What a delight. Omicron is spreading crazily because of one rugby game at the university. So, that's great.


Speaking of the hot tub: I slipped while getting into it last night. Definitely hurt my shoulder but the toes on my right foot took the brunt of it. They're pretty tender right now. Slightly discoloured and a little puffy, but not crazy injured. I gave Chris a heart attack. He said it looked like I smoked my face off the edge of the tub. My head in its entirety missed being hit. It only hit water. So I got some yummy chlorine in my lungs but that's about it for that. So other than some bruised toes and shoulder, only my pride took a battering. LOL


Christmas was good. We went to his parents house. He spoiled me, again. We found ourselves watching many James Bond movies. Sean Connery was ridiculously good looking in his youth. Talk about yummy. Nevermind the fact that there are warnings at the beginning of each movie disclaiming that there are some cultural and sexual actions and events that would be offensive now in the 21st century. LOL Classic. 

previous entry: November 25, 2021

next entry: Autism and You

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ryn: by Monday it will be 10 days since we tested so he can go back. I have to get a negative test before I can since I had symptoms.

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