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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Chocolate And Other Things


So my friend went to Lindt and picked up a massive bag of Lindt chocolate for me. One hundred truffles for thirty-five dollars. That's actually like eighty dollars worth of yeah. That's on my kitchen table.


I'm about eight million degrees right now. It's a combination from hormones (yay that time of the month), and moving a drum kit away from a piece of furniture I'm selling to a co-worker in my basement. I have a pounding headache that one can only assume is either because a storm is coming, or it's just also because of my period. I get extra awful period symptoms because of my CIU medication. I should probably change my birth control then. The original purpose was for a relief of my cramps with the birth control I'm on. So if I'm going to get awful cramps from other medication, I should just get the IUD and just not get a period anyway. I'll have to talk to my doctor about that. The headache is throbbing like a pulse....I could do without it.


Chris is managing at one of the other LCBO locations the next two weeks. Today he dressed in this beautifully dark purple dress shirt and dark pants. It looks so delicious. He came home for lunch and hung out with me for a bit. We discussed different things we discovered as managememt. He said it was weird not being allowed to express an opinion on certain things because as management he has to maintain a neutral opinion. I told him when I started doing that it was kind of a stress relief. He'll figure out a nice balance, I think.

previous entry: The CIU Blues

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