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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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A Date


A few things about staying at my moms: They're taking care of an elderly fellow and he smokes like a chimney. It smells like stale cigarettes constantly. I am a non-smoker. Always have been, always will be. As a person who plays a clarinet, my lungs are important. 


It is ridiculously cold in the spare bedroom I am staying in. Like, I have three blankets, a sheet, and sleep in cozy clothes, cold. The room is an addition so I think something got missed while they were getting it all built and whatnot. While I don't mind the cold while sleeping, during the day it sucks. I find it hard to leave bed in the morning. Although, let's be honest; I'm inclined to stay in bed because of sadness. I don't, though. I have no desire to be depressed.


Chris and I are going out on a date shortly. Not sure how well this will go. Probably fine. We've maintained contact and have been a little more open and whatnot. We're going to go and watch Netflix afterwards. Lol Netflix and chill? So yeah, that's a thing. He's just gotta go and get changed from work before, and then we're going to walk to the restaraunt. My mom lives close to downtown, and we live just a five minute walk further away. Practically neighbours.


Also, it's -27 right now. For those fo you south of the border, that's in celsius. You figure it out. I think it's like 16 degrees or something like that. It's cold. But not the coldest it's been. My city was colder than the Arctic last week, so put that in perspective. And I live in South Eastern Ontario. Northern Ontario has been getting -65. Gross.

previous entry: Yeah....

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THAT IS COLD!? It's currently around 75F here, and it's mid-winter.
Enjoy the date! x [The RyanStar] [reply]

75F is like May temperatures for us. Lol! [raen] [reply]