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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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17 the of June, 2020


My birthday is soon. Yay, thirty-four. Chris has opted to contribute to my wedding dress fund for part of my birthday present. He said he's getting me something else too, but he doesn't have to. Pretty sure, helping me pay for my wedding dress is good enough. He's smacking down $600 into it. I'm already at around $1200. By the time I can actually go wedding dress shopping, I'll have way more than my projected budget to look forward to. I guess that means I'll have a safety net if I go above what I settle on for a budget. I'm fairly certain $1000 is healthy budget. Without the contribution, it's $200 over. But, one has to remember that alterations and such will have to be a thing after the purchase.


I'm surprisingly worried about finding the right bra. LOL The girls aren't minimal, so it'll be a struggle. I'll have to just get another bra fitting done to make sure. I'm paranoid. 


I told my bridesmaids they can pick their dresses as long as they're all long, the same colour, and the same fabric. It might be wise to have it be the same designer too....not sure yet. I have plenty of time, though. I might end up with a different vision than the one I have right now. I've already ordered some stuff that I can do now. I got cute personalized cups with straws and lids for the bachelorette, and I ordered some bracelets in rose gold for the bridesmaids. When it gets closer to the day, I'm going to order robes for them as well.  I've also purchased a bunch of tea lights to use at the reception. I figure, if I get a bunch of the little stuff out of the way now, I won't have to rush and dump a ton of money all at once to get everything.


Just a heads up, readers: I am probably going to talk about the wedding a lot on here. I've got it on the brain now. I make no appologies for that. I legit had no idea I was going to be this into it until it happened. LOL

previous entry: Yeah....

next entry: No prescription Cialis!

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So when it came to wedding dress shopping for me, my big concern was my hips and thighs. They're big. My chest, not so much. I will say this, though; every single consultant I spoke with said that a good wedding dress does not require a bra. And no joke, I saw some pretty large-chested women there with no bras, and you couldn't tell.

Each dress should have enough structure in the bodice to hold the girls up and in place, without a bra being needed. Most dresses actually have somewhat of a bra already sewn in, so you don't need an extra layer. Same thing with spanx-type slimwear on the bottom; about half the dresses I tried on had it sewn in, and you can have it taken out or added in if you want.

My dress was $585, and with the veil added, an overskirt added, and alterations, it'll cost us a little over $1200 we think. Depending on what shops you're going to, $1,000 might be enough, but I'd overbudget on that one for sure. The alterations and additions can be expensive.

And yes to getting everything done sooner! I'm glad we did what we could in terms of purchasing items/booking vendors, because ours is in September, and we had (almost) everything set by March. Huge weight off our shoulders. Now we just have to finish paying everyone, lol.

[Oprah Noodlemantra|0 likes] [|reply]

Thanks for your input! I really appreciate it! Ultimately, I probably won't know what I'll need to add or subtract until I find the dress, I guess. It's good to know that I won't necessarily need a bra for it. That's a relief since ample would be a word to use to describe the girls. I'm not super concerned about my hips and thighs, though.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks getting things done early is a good idea! My fiancé thought I was silly at first when I came home with some tea lights. Lol

[raen|0 likes] [|reply]

I spend too much of my life worrying about the right bra. I really hope you find her!

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