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CrystalsLost's Diary
by CrystalsLost

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Sod and Jobs


We started doing our yard this week. Last Friday, Brian called around, and then called my aunts fiancĂ© since he does landscaping and recommended Rountree Sod to us, since they were cheap but good. Brian called Friday and they said they had plenty. Saturday morning we get there like an hour after they open and they say theyre sold out  until Tuesday. A SOD place was sold out of SOD. Right. And they acted like they just didn't give a shit that we drove 30 minutes to buy some sod. So I had Tuesday and Wednesday off and Brian had some personal time, so we called them right when they open on Tuesday and they said that they had 16 pallets, so we drove there again. We get there with my Mazda B2300. It looks like a Ford its not that big. Small little pick up, with extended bed, so I can pull down my tailgate and it has some bars to keep things in the back.   We get there and I pay for the SOD. It was 139$ for 400SQ FT of St.Augustine Grass..which is a pretty good deal around here.   And the old racist redneck comes out of their little trailer office and he's like to Brian " Dat your der truck? That aint gonna fit..YEa alll that sod wont fit in that little thing..You aint gonna fit all that in there and I want all the sod gone by the end of the day and I aint responsible for any thats left here"   I HATE confrontation and argument, but I also HATE rude people and I was THISCLOSE to asking if it was necessary for him to be so rude to us since we are buying from HIM and giving him OUR money and OUR business! I guess since its so cheap, they don't have any Customer Service.   So he gets the fork lift, and brings the Sod all the way out by the street, and kinda watches us seeing if we're gonna leave any. I KNOW he wanted us to leave some so they could have some free sod.   I told Brian, I don't care how or what, but we are getting ALL the sod in the truck. So I help load it up and the truck bed is getting lower and lower, and there's a couple more pieces left and I was like "We'll put it in the front floor and Ill sit cross legged and hold 2 pieces on my lap.   Seemed like a good idea in theory at the time.   So the SoD is in my lap, and the grass is sticking in my legs..and I had saw a spider in the SOD while we were loading so I was hoping there wasn't any in the SOD I was carrying..and my truck bed was so low, I was so scared we were gonna blow a tire or something. I felt stupid driving (well Brian was driving, but we were going slow) and everything turned out fine in the end, but my goodness!   We get home and Brian starts unloading the truck to take weight off the tires. Yikes. Wont do that again! We put down the sod and we'll need probably another half of pallet to finish the front yard, but it looks good and I don't think I have ever been so dirty in my LIFE! but it was fun. Such is life as a home owner!   I had an group interview at Banana Republic Tuesday. they always say dress business professional. I get there early (I'm always the first one there, I'm always the one dressed most professional, I'm always the one with a resume in hand) So I had on Long black pants, and long sleeved black button down. Then of course we had to sit outside right in the sun. But I endured the heat, I answered questions pretty good I would think, and even asked questions I thought were appropriate. There were only 2 other girls in this group. They were both young, one just graduated highs cool and the other tried to be "sweet and outgoing" but it was kinda nauseating. Anyways, I asked about how many people they were hiring and she said they weren't sure, they have to look at availability and people are always coming and going, with school and all. And she said they weren't done interviewing others, and it takes a few weeks to get hired, I also asked if they were looking for someone with experience or if they were looking to train and it didn't matter because any one is trainable. So yesterday I got an email saying theyre sorry but I wasn't considered for the job. They must have really not liked me to tell me I haven't gotten the job when theyre not even done interviewing everyone else. I know people get turned down ALL the time, I mean I have a REAL job probably making more than the manager there at the store I don't NEED this job, but it kinda stings when someone doesn't even think I can learn to fold clothes though. Whatever. Oh and while I was in THAT interview, I got a call for McDonalds for an interview. Eh, I know a job is a job, but No thanks. Now if I was in HS or NEEDED a job and money ASAP, then yea..but no, not yet.   I got another call for an interview at some insurance place, Not sure about it. I told them I'm just looking for part time in the afternoons and weekends and she said I can still come in bc I never know and I don't feel obligated. If its one of those "Call and sell insurance" then SEE YA!!   So that's what's going on on the 2nd Job Front. And its kinda funny to get turned down for a Dishwasher job because theyre looking for someone more qualified. Really? Really?!   Anyways.   My moms in town for a couple days. Go figure she comes in AFTER I have 2 days off, and they day she IS here, Im working.   Tuesday was 4 years since my dad died. I have a video I made, but it wont post, so I dunno. You can see it on my facebook if you care enough.   Back to work!

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I was going to ask why you haven't applied for a waitressing/bartending job. Those ALWAYS start ASAP (or "this weekend" and it's super high-turnover.

I would recommend a coffee shop or something, too.

[LNStar|0 likes] [|reply]

*huge hugs*

Maybe you don't look like you know how to wash a dish? Or maybe you don't look desperate enough? ;o)

[ScruddleStar|0 likes] [|reply]

They always tell you it'll be a few weeks until they make a decision, even if they're done hiring and already made up their mind. They prolly viewed you as overqualified lol

[theregoesmyheart|0 likes] [|reply]

i was thinking of you tuesday, thay day sticks in my mind for you. HUGS. The sod story sounds funny but i can only imagine the frustration and then having to put it on your lap, then seeing the spider. I would have just cracked and started crying. I am still so happy for you and Brian and being home owners

[Kinsley's Mom|0 likes] [|reply]

RYN: She just texted me now. Asked why I was shy about kissing her, haha

[CWB|0 likes] [|reply]

RYC thanks i will check it out now

[The Dreaming Wife |0 likes] [|reply]

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