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by the.path.i.chose

Welcome to my diary! My life isn't all that interesting to anyone but myself and if it is...well, then you need a life! All that is contained within is just the random going on's of my place, my family, and my drama I'm sure. You will probably finding me venting more often than sharing some exciting news. I get upset...I blog. Helps. Really. So,'s my life, not yours so don't leave rude comments towards me or for that matter anyone that is mentioned. I will not tolerate it. Enjoy.

Also, I chose this layout because I love the picture. Even if I hadn't known who they were I just love the style of it. You should check out the link below to see more of their stuff. Thanks.
87 entries
05/02/2011In God's Hands
04/26/2011Eh, don't know
04/23/2011I knew it
04/21/2011Right Decision
03/12/201114 year haunt
12/29/2010the blahs
11/17/2009Easy breezy.
11/16/200912 hours?!
11/13/2009needs money lol
11/06/2009Shoe Bash.
11/03/2009Just a Rant.
10/30/2009Coming home?
10/28/2009sis is a bitch.
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