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Fritos and Bean Dip
by Lady Cherbear573

previous entry: Something to pass the time while at work

next entry: *checks watch* 6 hours, 15 mins to go!

Who are you again?


"You must do the thing you think you can not do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

INTRODUCTION SURVEY! (as if you didn't know most of this already)

Name: Cheryl

Nickname: Cherbear, Cher, Doodle & the usual romantic endearments

Location: Russellville AR

Gender: Guess

Birthplace: Phoenix Arizona

Birthstone: Emerald

Birthday: May 31, 1973

Sign: Gemini (and, boy, am I)

Righty or Lefty: Righty tighty

Height: 5' 6" ish

Shoe size: 9

Hair Color: dark blonde

Hair Length: About an inch past my collar

Eye Color: Hazel-y green

Piercings: None but I'd like to get my ears done again.

Tattoos: None yet

Siblings: None but I do have a sister-in-law, Marty

Pets: 4 cats - Sally, Aja, Mau Momma and Smudge, 1 dog - Perdida Uno a.k.a. Perdi

Favorite kind of music: Just about anything except rap & hip hop

Last CD you bought: Taylor Swift's Fearless

Whats in your CD player right now: Nothing

** Favorites **

Color: Red

Number: 7

Season: Spring

Ice cream: Chocolate

Quote: The one on this layout

Band: Bon Jovi, Nickelback

Singer: Jon Bon Jovi, among others

Song: I can't pick just one.

Movie: The Women (1939), Ray Miland's The Uninvited, Bridget Jones' Diary, Rebecca

Actor: Don't really have a favorite

Actress: Nicole Kidman

Kind of movies: Just about anything but horror movies that have a lot of gore just for the sake of having a lot of gore. I want a plot.

Time of day: I'm a night owl.

Animal: Cats

Food: Comfort

Holiday: Halloween. No family drama. Just fun.

Shape: *shrugs* Never thought about it

Fast food place: I miss Jack in the Box.

Boy's name: Nicholas

Girl's name: Emma or Emily

Word: o_O I don't know...

Month: May

Candy: Chocolate

Sexual orientation: Hetero

Boyfriend or Girlfriend: Neither. Husband!

previous entry: Something to pass the time while at work

next entry: *checks watch* 6 hours, 15 mins to go!

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