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Fritos and Bean Dip
by Lady Cherbear573

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Ho hum...


"You must do the thing you think you can not do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Well, here it is. A rainy Tuesday night and I'm at work. I've got about 3 hours left in my shift and only one more reservation due in. I think I might check in another 5-6 people for the rest of the night. Boring....

I really wish I could be having Mexican food tonight. Instead, I had to have Domino's version of Italian. Not bad but the part of me that was born & raised in the American southwest wants a shredded beef chimichanga that's covered with lettuce, sour cream & shredded cheese with some refried beans on the side and very large frozen strawberry daquiri. Damn, that sounds REALLY good.

Yesterday was my stepson's 12th birthday. Hard to believe. I'm trying to put together a scrapbook for my folks as a combined birthday present. Both of their birthdays are this month. Anyway, I look back at pics from 2004, when I had just moved here, and I whimper because I want him to be that small again.

Anyway, we didn't have a big to-do this year like we have every year in the past. Don't know why. I guess the time just passed faster than we thought. Next you know, Chris' birthday was a couple of days away & we hadn't had anything planned. Oops. Still, we took him out to dinner to the Cracker Barrel, his favorite restaurant. His Gram & Grandpa joined us. No word from Lorna, his biological mother. Wench. There's just no excuse for that. I know she works nights so she may not have been able to actually SEE him but she should've called, at the very least. Bitch.

Okay, anyway, moving on before I get too steamed up...

1. What do you usually order from Subway/Togo's/another sandwich place?
Usually a turkey breast & ham on the parmesan bread with some mayo & lettuce.

2. Did you ever think you were going to wait till marriage to have sex with someone, but ended up having sex before then (willingly)? Or if you haven't had sex yet, do you not care if you have sex before marriage?
No, I never thought about waiting. I asked my mom for the Pill when I was 17. She took me to Planned Parenthood & got me set up. After that, she also took me & a close girlfriend, who I had grown up with but was 3 years my junior, to some place where we had to watch a couple of pro-abstinence videos. We both had already lost our virginity by then and, since it was just the two of us, we just chatted & hung out until the movies were over.

3. Do you know more perverted guys than girls? Or do you think girls are the one with the more dirty minds?
I think it depends on the individual.

4. Have you read Watchmen? Do you think it's good? Do you plan on seeing the movie?
No, don't know, no

5. Would you rather play the trumpet, trombone, or clarinet? Why?
Piano. Learning the clarinet sounds like your trying to kill a cat.

6. When's the last time you were sick?
I had food poisoning some time last year or the year before. Other than that, I've just had the sniffles.

7. Have you ever talked about your period with a guy? Were they okay with it, or grossed out?
Yes, with my husband. He was a little grossed out but also kind of curious.

8. What brand is your hairbrush?
Beats me

9. If you're straight, have you ever had a small (or big) crush on someone of the same sex? If you're gay, have you ever had a small (or big) crush on someone of the opposite sex? If you're bisexual, which sex do you like better, or do you just not care?
No, not really.

10. Have you ever been to small/church/bible group/study (forced to or wanted to)?
Never been but I'd like too.

11. In-N-Out, ever been there? If not, what's a good burger place around your town?
I was there when In-N-Out opened in Phoenix. My goodness, you'd think it was The Second Coming! People were lined up & cars were lined up a mile back. All for a burger that really was NOT all that impressive. I was there the once & never looked back.

12. Would you rather shop online or go check out stores in person? Why?
Either or. I like the window shopping online but I like that you get a better idea about what it is you're looking for when you go in person.

13. Do you have to shave your arms, or do you know someone who SHOULD shave their arms?
My arm hair is really light colored so I never thought about it but, apparently, Shawn's ex-wife shaves her arms.

14. What bug creeps you out the most? is there a reason/story behind this? If so, explain: Daddy Long Leg spiders. Just the fact that you really can't see their legs. It just looks like this little round body just floating around... Ew.

15. The color of the last scarf you used, what color would that be?
The dark green one that my Jen Friend knitted for me before I left.

16. What is a word you always spell wrong no matter what?
Don't really know. I'm sure someone will tell me when I do.

17. How many people do you know with the name Ashley/Ashlee?
None really but my step-cousin's daughter's name is Ashlynn.

18. Think of a song you used to enjoy a lot five years ago. Do you still like this song?
I'm sure.

19. Have you ever been to an asian (any type) market? If so, what is the closest one to you?
I have in Phoenix. I'm sure we have a small one around here somewhere but I couldn't tell you where.

20. Who was the last person to see you completely naked? Do you still speak/see this person? Was it by accident or did you not care/wanted this person to see you naked?
My husband, Shawn. Of course I still speak to him. It wasn't by accident. I did care & I wanted him to see me!

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