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Fritos and Bean Dip
by Lady Cherbear573

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[05] Decent Sections


"You must do the thing you think you can not do." - Eleanor Roosevelt


1. What is the name most people call you? Cheryl

2. What would you consider your defining feature? No clue

3. You kiss: boys or girls? 1 man, 1 boy

4. What you wish your living situation was: Our own house.

5. If got to choose your birthday, what day would it be? I'm happy with mine, thanks.

Things You Don't Care About

1. What is a band you'd be happy to never hear again? NKOTB

2. One colour you'd never paint your walls: Orange

3. A movie you regret watching: White Men Can't Jump. Last time I ever let him pick the movie.

4. A (normal, not manure etc.) scent you don't like: Fish

5. Who is one celebrity you wish you could banish to obscurity? i'd be happy to never hear again about Angelina Jolie and the child farm she's cultivating. (I so agree with this. Enough of St. Angelina already!)

6. One kind of alcohol you won't drink: Tequila with a worm in it.

7. An actor you think has no business acting: I can't really think of one off the top of my head...

8. A food you won't eat: Olives (Again, I agree)

9. An animal that scares you: Bugs larger than my thumbnail.

10. A store you won't shop in: A & F

Name a friend who...

1. is taller than you: Tower

2. is shorter than you: CEG

3. is older than you: Hoss

4. is younger than you: Blue?

5. you like to shop with: Zen

6. has different political views than you: I don't know

7. makes you angry sometimes: Shawn

8. is gay: Captain Alex

9. is bisexual: Holey

10. you have kissed: Keith

11. you used to have a crush on: Jason

12. you wish you saw more: All of them

13. you aren't as close with as you used to be: Barbara

14. looks most like you: People used to think Zen & I were sisters.

15. parties harder than you: lol! Most of them, anymore.

16. listens to bad music: Define 'bad'

17. you know only online: Sanity

18. lives far away: All of them

19. you think has a better name than you: None

20. likes children: Most of them


1. Time you did something you hated for money: Worked at the Vision Center

2. Time you defied a gender stereotype: Admired female pin up art?

3. Time you succeeded at something you didn't care about: I have no idea

4. Time you failed at something that mattered to you: A couple of weeks ago.

5. Time you filled out a sectioned survey like this one: Don't remember

6. Person you complimented: Shawn

7. Time someone lied to you: Chris, a couple of days ago

8. Time you were someone's crying shoulder: A few days ago

9. Person you cooked for: Shawn & Chris, as always

10. Person who kissed you unexpectedly: Chris

previous entry: YOU! Yes, you. Read this!

next entry: I'm trying a new layout

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ryc;; omg i never noticed before haha, im kinda creeped out now =P

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