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Fritos and Bean Dip
by Lady Cherbear573

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[8] 100 Questions


"You must do the thing you think you can not do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Get comfy. It's a long one.

[One; Have you ever played cricket, horseshoes, or any other yard game like that? I've played horseshoes and lawn darts a time or two.

[Two; Last time using hair spray? A few days ago.

[Three; Which phone do you have? An LG Scoop

[Four; Which phone do you want? I'm happy with what I've got, thanks.

[Five; Last thing you broke? A glass, getting things out of the sink.

[Six; Do any of your grandparents have Alzheimer's? So far as I know, they've all passed away.

[Seven; What time will it be in nineteen minutes? 4:53 p.m.

[Eight; Will you be somewhere else by then? I may be at my MIL's getting the boy.

[Nine; Last time going to a tanning salon? Never

[Ten; What colour was the last hair elastic you used? I haven't used one since...April, I think.

[Eleven; Last video recorded? A candid one of Shawn a couple of weeks ago.

[Twelve; Last picture taken? Chris sitting on the couch with Perdi's head in his lap.

[Thirteen; Last person you webcammed with? No one

[Fourteen; Last person you texted? Shawn

[Fifteen; Last time your stomach growled? This morning before breakfast

[Sixteen; Have you ever cried under the influence? I don't remember

[Seventeen; What song are you listening to? None

[Eighteen; Does your state have the death penalty? Shawn says yes.

[Nineteen; If so, when was it last used? Last year, he says.

[Twenty; Do you know anyone with the initials JR? Hoss' friend

[Twenty-one; What colour is your underwear? Fruit Stripe Gum colors.

[Twenty-two; How many times did you have sex last week? *sighs* None.

[Twenty-three; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers? Neither, really, but TMNT if I had to.

[Twenty-four; Mario Kart or Banjo Kazooee? Mario Kart!

[Twenty-five; Have you ever kissed someone with a mouth piercing? Nope

[Twenty-six; Last time seeing each of your siblings? The eleventeenth of Junevember. I'm an only child.

[Twenty-seven; Last person you dreamt of sexually? Shawn

[Twenty-eight; Do any of your fingers hurt? Not anymore but my hands did hurt this morning.

[Twenty-nine; How happy are you right now? Pretty good.

[Thirty; Last drug you took in any way? Is Caffeine a drug? I had some of that a couple of hours ago.

[Thirty-one; Last thing you remember learning in Math class? It's been almost 10 years since my last one.

[Thirty-two; Do you write in printing or cursive? It's a mix actually.

[Thirty-three; Which band or artist occurs most in your iTunes? Bon Jovi

[Thirty-four; Last thing ordered from McDonalds? A Chicken Bacon Ranch salad

[Thirty-five; How many continents have you been in? Two

[Thirty-six; Last band shirt you wore? I don't remember

[Thirty-seven; Ronnie or Sonny: Who do you miss more? I don't know who you're talking about.

[Thirty-eight; Last place you bled from? The side of my shin. Smudge decided to use my leg as a scratching post.

[Thirty-nine; Last time you were horny? Last night. Alas, we were both too tired to really take advantage of it.

[Forty; Last awkward encounter? I don't remember.

[Forty-one; Last person you waved at? Shawn, last night.

[Forty-two; What is your body telling you? I'm thirsty and that McDonald's sounds really good.

[Forty-three; Who have you bought Christmas gifts for already? Everyone

[Forty-four; Favourite flavour of flavoured water? I'll take it plain, thanks.

[Forty-five; What are you doing an hour from now? Either finishing this, picking up Chris at the IL's.

[Forty-six; When was your last breakdown? Friday morning

[Forty-seven; Do you get bored of your boyfriends easily? No, they always got bored with me.

[Forty-eight; Or do they get bored of you? That's what I just said.

Ooh! An opportunity for an interesting diversion has just presented itself! I'll be back later!

*time passes*

Wow... Okay. *ahem* Now, as I was saying. Erm...where was I? Oh yeah.

[Forty-nine; What was the last BIG decision you made? Choosing between two job offers.

[Fifty; Are you fascinated by shadows? Nope

[Fifty-one; Have you ever seen real pyramids? Only on TV

[Fifty-two; Isn't cornstarch amazing? If you say so

[Fifty-three; Favourite song right now? "Holy shit, it's Christmas!"

[Fifty-four; Last time you heard that song? Some time this past week.

[Fifty-six; Is your breath nice and fresh right now? Nope

[Fifty-seven; Next place you'll be moving to? I'm not moving anywhere until after the law suit settles.

[Fifty-eight; Last person you high fived, and for what reason? Dunno

[Fifty-nine; What does your Math Text book have on the cover of it (Like elephants or bears or something)? I don't have one.

[Sixty; What colour was the last towel you used? Blue and white

[Sixty-one; Are you doing laundry right now? No but I should be.

[Sixty-two; Don't you love Underoath? I might if you told me what/who Underoath is.

[Sixty-three; What seems to be the most common piercing at your school? I'm not in school.

[Sixty-four; Are you often told you are well-spoken? Nope. Articulation doesn't seem to be one of my strong suits.

[Sixty-five; Is today going by fast or slow? It's toddling along just fine.

[Sixty-six; Are you counting down the days to anything? Not really

[Sixty-seven; Do you call them thongs or flip-flops? Well, they were thongs until thongs became underwear. Now they're flip flops.

[Sixty-eight; Does the person you have feelings for have any body modifications? Nope

[Sixty-nine; Do you dot your i's with dots, circles, or something else? Dots

[Seventy; Do you find it neat when you type, write, or read a word as you're hearing it being sung, without doing so on purpose? No, it's annoying.

[Seventy-one; Are you inhaling or exhaling as you read the end of this question? INhaling

[Seventy-two; You are now breathing manually: As opposed to doing it automatically?

[Seventy-three; If you say that ^ to someone on Ketamine they might pass out: Okay...

[Seventy-four; Are you on a laptop or a PC? PC

[Seventy-five; Are you a victim of cyber bullying? Nope

[Seventy-six; Can you easily make people happy when they're sad? I try

[Seventy-seven; Last time you subscribed to someone on xanga? Never

[Seventy-eight; UNsubscribed? Again, never.

[Seventy-nine; Have you ever gotten Carpal Tunnel from texting? No, dental assisting

[Eighty; Last type of gum you chewed? I don't

[Eighty-one; Have you ever had a piercing reject? Yes. My belly button never healed. I was told the piercer went too deep.

[Eighty-two; How many hands have been in your pants? *slaps you*

[Eighty-three; Are you pure? As pure as New York City snow.

[Eighty-four; Is your hair underneath curlier than the hair on top? Yep

[Eighty-five; How often do you shave your pubic hair? You don't need to know that.

[Eighty-six; What band or artist are you listening to? I'm not

[Eighty-seven; What other band or artist do they sound like or have similar style as? N/A

[Eighty-eight; Do you show your teeth when you smile? Yes

[Eighty-nine; Mini shuffle! Skip ahead five songs: No

[Ninety; Have you seen any of the bands live? No and more's the pity

[Ninety-two; Were there any band repeats among these.. five songs? N/A

[Ninety-three; Which has the best Album art? N/A

[Ninety-four; Order them from best to least.. best..: N/A

[Ninety-five; Best one to be played at a wedding? Can we move to something else now please?

[Ninety-six; What is your favourite word to write in cursive? Never thought about it.

[Ninety-seven; Last IM received, and from who? "Will you be available to IM in a couple of hours? Lots to talk about." From Zen Jen

[Ninety-eight; Thirtieth text received, and from who? "Cuz the song was done" Again, from Zen Jen

[Ninety-seven; Eighteenth SENT text message and to who? "Are you coming for lunch today?" To Shawn

[Ninety-eight; How good was the last thing you ate? Pretty good but it wasn't what I wanted.

[Ninety-nine; Do you have to pee? Nope. Already did that.

[One hundred; What colour was the last thing you drank? Brown. (Coke)

previous entry: [7] And how was your

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