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Fritos and Bean Dip
by Lady Cherbear573

previous entry: *checks watch* 6 hours, 15 mins to go!

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150 Q's because it's gonna be that kind of day


"You must do the thing you think you can not do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Your name spelled backwards? lyrehc

Date today? Saturday, June 20th

Age? 36

Location? Arkansas

Nicknames? Cher, Cherbear, Doodle & the usual romantic endearments.

D.O.B? May 31, 1973

Astrological sign? Gemini

Blood type? B+

Personality in one word? Unique

The type of guys/girls you're attracted to? Decent ones

Your way of flirting? You'd have to ask my husband.

Your height? 5' 6"ish

Weight? Yes, I have one

Shoe size? 9

One trait you like about yourself? I have a good sense of humor.

Another that you dislike? I'm big on procrastination. Like now. I have other work related things I could be doing.

Your current obsession? Facebook. "Must. Check. Status. Updates!!!"

Your cellphone model? Some LG model

How much do you pay for your cell monthly? $30. It's a prepaid phone.

How much do you use it in a day? Hardly at all.

Ringtone? Canon

Text message ringtone? Door bell

Smily face that you like?

Chat lingo that you like? ROFLMAO

Favorite movie? The Women (1939), Bridget Jones' Diary, Ray Miland's The Uninvited and Hitchcock's Rebecca

Your current computer wallpaper? Default blue with the Marriott logo

Any hobbies? Reading, cross stitching, photography

Any special skills? Not really

A word you like? I never really thought about it

Cartoons or anime? Cartoons

A food you like? Italian

Food you dislike? Seafood

What can you cook well? A few things.

What would you eat for your very last meal? I don't know.

What would you say you were in your 'past life'? Your guess is as good as mine.

Name a fictional character you like? Hermione Granger

Name a historical figure you like? Abraham Lincoln. I was fascinated by him as a kid.

Favorite artist? Monet

A song you like? "Something In Your Mouth" by Nickelback.

** Okay. Time out for breakfast. BRB **

What about an animal? Cat

Sports? It all fun and games until someone loses a tooth. Then it's HOCKEY!

Have any athletes you're a fan of? Not really

Do you have any habits? Who doesn't?

What do you look like before you go to bed? Tired?

TV show you like? NCIS

Radio station? B98.5

Ever karaoke? No

Name something you NEED? Sleep, food, CAFFEINE!

What three things would you bring with you to go on a deserted island? Food. Toilet paper. A Navy SEAL team to get me back home.

How do you cope with stress? Depends. I internalize it sometimes while taking care of whoever else needs taking care of. It was 3 - 4 days after my BIL died before I felt like I could cry.

What's something you really want right now? To go back to bed.

Your future dream is? Financial security

Describe your hairstyle atm? Combed, wavy

Any crushes/lovers? Just my husband

What do you do when you're bored? This, read, stitch

A store you like? Barnes & Noble

Favorite numbers? 7

Any comedians you're a fan of? Gabriel Iglesias, Kathy Griffin

Favorite snack? Salty, crunchy stuff

what do you drink the most in a day? Soda

What type of shampoo do you use? I use Ivory soap to wash it & an apple cider vinegar rinse

Favorite colors? Red or pink

OMG!! WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE AND THEIR KIDS IN HOTELS!!?? This one woman just let her 3 year old climb up and stand in the window sill!! Do these people let their kids do this at home???

Favorite country? USA

Anywhere you want to go right now? Home

What time did you wake up this morning? Initially, 5:45. For the last time, 6:20.

What time did you sleep last night? I quit looking at the clock after 1:30 a.m.

What's something you've been craving to do? Go back to sleep

When would you want to get married? I got married May 28th, 2005. We want to get married again next year in Eureka Springs.

How many kids would you like to have? I have a stepson but I'd like to have at least ONE of my own.

Comedy or romance? Both

Ever watched soap opera? Young & the Restless but it's been a while.

Fan of any models? *scoffs* please...

Favorite appetizer? Spinach & artichoke dip

How often do you eat fast-food? Too often

Last amusement you went to? Do you mean an amusement PARK or just someplace that was amusing? The last amusement park I went to was Disneyland in Oct. '03.

Name a treasure of yours? I treasure my husband. Does that count?

What's something you can brag about? I don't know

Ever done any after school clubs? Nope

Know any good books? A few

Do you read magazines? Sometimes

If you were to go on TV, what show would you wanna go on? I don't know

If you were to tell something to your past self? Start a savings account NOW

What about to your self now? Try to start a savings account

And yourself in the future? I don't know.

A memory from grade 1? Taking the van from preschool.

Another memory from grade 7? I try not to remember junior high...

And a memory from grade 10? My first boyfriend, Tom the shmuck

A school subject you like? Reading

School subject you dislike? Phys Ed

Favorite teacher? The Aerobics teacher and Mr. Bell, the Wildlife Bio teacher.

What kind of weather do you like? Early spring.

Name a band you dislike? Nirvana - never did like them

What would you want to be if you were to be born again? Saved?

Including celebrities, who would you want to date? No one. I'll stick with my husband thanks. Well...okay. Maybe Jon Bon Jovi.

Who would you want to be friends with? Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban, Colin Firth, Kathy Griffin, Michelle Pfeiffer

Who would you want as a dad? My dad, thanks.

And a mom? I love the one I have.

Big brother? Hmm...

Little brother?

Big sister? ...

Little sister? ...

Something you'd really like to figure out? The point behind those last questions.

What era would you like to visit? Victorian England

What would you spend a million dollars on? Practical things. A sensible house, dependable transportation, retirement.

A quote you like? The one that's on this page

Any mottos? Not really

How good is your vision? Bad enough that I need glasses.

A name you like? Nicholas

Do you believe in horoscopes/tarot cards/fortune tellers etc? No

What kind of flowers do you like? Yellow roses & red carnations

Favorite city? *shrug*

What song comes to mind when you think of Spring? Don't know

What about Summer? Am I done with this yet?

Fall? Jeez...

Winter? *sigh*

What kind of personality do you admire? An honest, communicative one with a sense of humor.

A type of personality you can't stand? One who's arrogant or racist

What kind of magic would you want to use if you were able to? I just wish I could do magic in general! (Yeah, me too - CB)

If you could make anything, what would you invent? If I knew that, I would've done it already.

Do you like bugs? Not really

If you were to have a bug as a pet, what would its name be? This survey is getting pretty lame...

What games do you like to play? Video, board, card.

A word you like in a foreign language? Guten

What counts as 'cheating' in a relationship? If you have to wonder about it, whatever you're wondering about probably counts.

Turns out it was that kind of day yesterday so I didn't get to finish this. Almost but not quite.

*Happy Father's Day*

A location you would like to go on a date? Somewhere nice, quiet & private

Favorite fruit? Strawberries

Favorite relative? That one

What's the first thing you go on at an amusement park? Depends on who's with me.

What season best fits you? Don't know

Who do you find inspiring? I'm running a little short on inspiration these days.

What do you like to eat for lunch? Food

What was your dream when you were little? I wanted to color for Disney

How long does it take you to bathe? Only about 10 minutes, if that. We have a crappy water heater.

How many people are in the house you live in? Just Shawn

What's something good about the city/town you live in? It's small-ish

Anything good to eat there? I highly recommend Whattaburger. Locally owned & not part of the the Whataburger chain. Excellent cheeseburgers & chocolate shakes.

How clean is your room? Needs dusting.

Your favorite thing in your room? My husband

School event you like? The last day

How do you get to school? I'm not in school

Do you have anything decorrating your cellphone? A purple smiley face sticker. My husband & I have the exact same phone.

A clothing brand you like? JMS

How often do you cry? When I need to

Why did you cry last time? Last night. Today, as you know, is Father's Day. My brother-in-law passed away 2 weeks ago tonight. My thoughts are with my niece, Brittany, on this, her first Father's Day without her father.

Do you get angry easily? Someitmes

Why did you get mad last time? My MIL commandeered my afternoon when all I really wanted to do was sleep.

What's an activity that makes you really happy? Being able to roll over and go back to sleep

Who do you want to see? My husband, in bed, asleep, as I crawl in next to him and fall asleep myself.

What CD did you buy last? Taylor Swift's Fearless

Who took your concert virginity? Nelson back in '91.

previous entry: *checks watch* 6 hours, 15 mins to go!

next entry: Another long-ish one

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