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Fritos and Bean Dip
by Lady Cherbear573

previous entry: A short one before lunch

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"You must do the thing you think you can not do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

10 really random things about me:
1. I drive a Toyota Corolla wagon
2. My foot's tingling
3. I slept through my alarm this morning.
4. Consequently, I was 20 minutes late to work.
5. Shawn & I are very stressed about the next two weeks.
6. My MIL told us to do something to de-stress but we're broke & don't know what to do.
7. Sex is out cuz Aunt Flo's in the middle of her visit.
8. Coloring is a fun way to de-stress.
9. I miss going to church.
10. I think I'll go get a new coloring book after work.

9 ways to win my heart:
1. Bring me breakfast since I overslept & didn't get a chance to eat.
2. Take me shopping at a Barnes & Noble
3. Remember my family's names. (I have a big family)
4. Love on my kitties even when I'm not watching.
5. Take care of my car because it's a way of taking care of me. Well maintained car = a safe Cheryl
6. Teach me some self defense moves so that I can take care of myself when you aren't there.
7. Remember that I prefer yellow roses to red.
8. Flirt with me even though we've been together for so long.
9. Make me laugh.

8 things i carry or wear everyday:
1. Underwear
2. Wallet
3. Keys
4. Glasses
5. Change purse
6. Wedding ring
7. Comb
8. Pill box

7 things that annoy me:
1. Not paying attention when I'm talking to you.
2. Racism
3. Rudeness
4. Grammatical errors (even tho I know I'm not perfect either)
5. My MIL
6. My FIL
7. Interruptions

6 places i have visited:
1. Ireland
2. Washington DC
3. San Diego
4. Oklahoma
5. Kansas
6. Florida

5 plans i have before i die:
1. Home ownership
2. Having a child of my own
3. A brand new car
4. Returning to Ireland
5. Taking a scenic Alaskan railroad trip

4 things i am afraid of:
1. Heights
2. Falling
3. Drowning
4. Shawn's cancer returning (even tho the Drs say he's cured)

3 things i do everyday:
1. Take care of people
2. Read
3. Make dinner

2 things i'm trying not to do:
1. Run out of money
2. Run out of time before I finish my work this afternoon.

1 person i wanna see:

previous entry: A short one before lunch

next entry: Wow, my work day's already half over... Sweet!

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I haven't read the twilight books but I watched the movie and it's not that great...

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