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Welcome to Cemetery Dawn
by Cemetery Dawn 🪦

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So, what's the story morning glory??


I can remember walking out on the back deck as a kid and seeing these flowers, and asking my foster mom what they were and she said that they were morning glory. So, that phrase has stuck with me... thankfully she passed in 2022. She was not a nice person whatsoever. She was a chronic drunk, and just mean to me all around. I remember Granddad passing in 2007, and despite mother leaving me out of the obit, (and the inheritance apparently), he had been a gruff but kind angel on earth to me during the hard times I endured at Eleanor's (foster mom).

And I think my Nana was there in spirit too. She died awhile back. Do you believe in angels??

Today is Tuesday and not much is happening, my shower for sure, and I think it's Taco Tuesday tonight... tomorrow is New D, and I think I'll bring my iPad and iPhone with. I have to bring the iPhone anyway bc it's a medical device. I have diabetes type 2, and I use a Libre 2 system, so I need to scan the sensor to get my bg readings to the Diabetes clinic... so yeah.

After New D, on Friday, I am getting my bath, and we are ordering subs for dinner, I'm going to have a pizza sub, and french fries, as is Julz, and Bees is having a tuna sub with onion rings.

Saturday, J is treating us 3 to Swiss Chalet, a rotisserie chicken place here in Canada.

Well, that's all I have. ♥


previous entry: I’m on my iPad…

next entry: Image galleries :3

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