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Non iam
by wugs

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Wow, has it been a while or what?



Bored on the internet and clicking around my old bookmarks and lo and behold, Bloop Diary reappears. It's funny how much this site both has and hasn't changed in nearly two years of absence.

Also looking at old posts was utterly hilarious. I was such a bitchy little 17-year-old. I mean, I'm a bitchy little 19-year-old now, but still, it's funny as hell to read with evidence.

As expected, quite a lot has changed in two years. I'm about to start my second year at New York University. No, I don't have family there. Literally those two trips to the city (that I may or may not have blogged about) made me fall in love, and I only went one more time (to actually tour NYU) before deciding to apply and, after acceptance, attend. This year I'll be living in a studio-apartment-style dorm in Gramercy with my roommate from last year, Rijul.

God, how I prefer NYC to rural Virginia. I'm leaving Monday and I'm so ready to go back.

Uh, honestly, I don't see myself really "coming back" to Bloop in any permanent respect because this was a chance happening and I do most of my blogging on Tumblr these days. (If you even want to call it "blogging" at this point.) If anyone wants to follow me there, my url there is "wugs" just like my name here.

But yeah. Just checking in because I occasionally check back to Bloop and it's cool to see little updates I suppose.


lithium layouts.

previous entry: adulthood !11!11!!

next entry: One post per year, as is my way

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