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Non iam
by wugs

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I love smoking weed. I really do. And I love smoking socially because it's funnier.

But goddamn, I hate the "culture" around it. Like, I can't just smoke. No. I have to try like forty different methods of getting high. "Duuuude, have you ever done a waterfall?" Do I fucking care? No. I'd like to enjoy weed the way I choose to. That's anywhere from a blunt to a pipe to a water bottle with a tin foil thing on top with a hole in the side.

I don't want to hear shit like "Dis some OG Kush" when in reality I know you don't know the fucking difference. I know I don't. If I get adequately high off of something with a relatively low cost, I'm happy.

It's not like I'm a pothead. I've had leftovers from the same quarter for two months. And it's good, too.

And you guys talk about dealers like you're fucking buying crack off the streets. These are middle class people that can afford growing rooms, guys. With fucking lights and everything. These are practically distributors, not "dealers."

I'll be honest: the only thing I really want to try is a vaporizer, and that's only because I've heard it can conserve weed and it's even smoother going down. And compared to cigarettes, weed in any form is way better. I smoked a Marlboro red Saturday and remembered why I stopped in the first place. Anything without menthol is just impossible for me.

Then again, I'm really weird. I can take vodka shots without chasers like a pro (four in a row before I gave in), but the mere thought of Mike's Hard Lemonade makes me sick to my stomach when I'm sober.

This has been a post from the random thoughts of an immoral teenager.


lithium layouts.

previous entry: New name!


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