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Beauty in a box
by Tash.

previous entry: 7 years



Tired of not hearing from my boy. I imagine he's grounded again. Mike grounds him for the stupidest shit. Yet he still respects his dad. I bet that'll slowly change. I miss him so much. He'll only be here for thanksgiving break for 5 days. Five. The. I won't see him (if we don't drive up there for easter) until summer '19. It is killing me. All I want to do is drop everything and go see him. It's like I sense him being upset. I should, after all, he's my boy. Fuck.


I'm tired of my job. I'm sick of not being able to get enough hours, to get more pay. I have an interview for AMC theaters soon, but they probably background check. I swear. Always shut down because of my goddamn felony. 


I'm tires of bobby's family putting his sister before him. Like, I already don't have a family. After mom died (and I miss her SO FUCKING MUCH), everyone split up. I'm the only one besides my brother, who even lives in Alabama anymore. So I try to stay close with bobby's family, bit honestly it's in vain. All they care about is Tina and her drama. DHR has put her two kids in another family member's care, because she can't pass a drug test because shes getting ADHD meds from her mother. Keep in mind, this is the same girl who hit a man in a wheelchair and killed him, and didn't turn herself in until 3 days later. It was a total accident, and she was cleared of all charges, but still. They paid almost 20k for a lawyer, yet we struggle with our mortgage and oh, what? Sorry, can't help you. Helping Tina. Hey we need help with something else. Oh sorry, Tina needs help. Her kids need watched. For fcks sake it's made me so upset. We don't matter in this family. Hell they "love" Caleb, do they ever ask about him? Nah. Nope. Never. Why? I don't know. I just want to jump ship for VA bit Caleb loves bobby. I love bobby. I want to move. Even to Colorado. We could get good jobs there. I long for change. I need it. 


Well I'm drinking and this is the cause for the update. 

previous entry: 7 years


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