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Doing my best...That's all I can do.
by Just_live

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Well, we've moved into our apartment.
At least for the most part.
It's going to take us a while to get settled with money being tight and everything.
But I think we'll be ok.

Right now i'm doing laundry and talking to Aimee about shit.
Tomorrow we have a LONG day ahead of us though.
We have to go to the post office and do the whole change of adress thing.
We have to go and get everything turned on in OUR names.
And all this other crap.

I finally got my kitties back today.
I missed them SO much.
I think Mutt missed me the most because she keeps following me around meowing and rubbing up on my legs and stuff.
Aphrodite is being a BITCH to them though.
It makes me wish I would have just let mom keep her.

I finally got to hang out with Christy the other day.
I have like no social life anymore and it blows balls.
I'm getting so tired of it.

And it's not because of the baby.
So don't think that.

I can't wait for Jake to get off work though.
I like having a place with just me and him.
But i'm also debating on how long it will take for us to kill each other.

I have to go.
Later <3

love must be as much a light...
as it is a flame.


previous entry: Lets not be to hasty

next entry: Happy 10 months!

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yay for being all moved in!

[BrownEyedMonkeyStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Glad your all moved in =)

You ahve cats too? Are you concerned like I am about how they'll be with the baby?

[sincerely me♥|0 likes] [|reply]

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