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Doing my best...That's all I can do.
by Just_live

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Pat Robertson.... Among other things...


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I can not believe that people like that are even allowed to speak.
There should be a law against shit like that.
SO many innocent people died in that quake.
But they totally deserved it.
Had it coming all along.

THIS is the reason I don't go to church anymore.
I still believe in god.
But people spewing shit like THAT.
I can not take it.
Not only did I have to sit and listen to comments like that one.
I couldn't even ask why the dinosaurs weren't in the bible.
Trust me, they really get pissed when you bring that up.

It just upsets me.
I plan on doing a little more research about it.
But even if the people from however fucking long ago it was pledge their allegiance to Satan (Which is bad, I get that..) actually DID do it.
I would like to believe that the sins of those who lived so many years before them wouldn't be the burden of those who live there now.
I don't see God striking down the people that live there now.

I'm just to mad to write a blog right now I think.
I'm going to look some stuff up about it and then write a much better one later though.
You heed my word on that.

I'm so tired of stupid people.
Shit fucks.

Plus i'm just tired.
I'm about to Google me some info.

love must be as much a light...
as it is a flame.


previous entry: Doing my own little happy dance

next entry: hmm

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