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Doing my best...That's all I can do.
by Just_live

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Happy Mothers Day?


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I've had about a million people text me and tell me that today.
It seems so odd that they would be saying it to me.
But I am a mommy now.
So it's something I have to get use to.

I got to meet Jakes dad the other night.
It was not a pleasant experience.
Not only do I hate him, I hate the way he smells.
I have no idea how anyone can stand that smell.
It's like a pot/herbal tea/???????? smell.
It makes me want to hurl.
He was trying to be nice.
I don't care.

And even though Jake hates him, he seems to be under the impression that he will hold the baby at least once.
I on the other hand, am not letting him touch Zach EVER.
I will eat his flesh if he even tries.
I. Don't. Care.
Julie can hold him all she wants.
She's an amazing women.
I like her.
But his dad can go fall off a bridge for all I care.

If I don't like you, you are NOT touching my kid.
I don't even want stupid people asking about my baby now.
Let alone trying to hold him and make little gooing noises at him when he's out.
Maybe that's bitchy, but I don't care.
Especially with that man.

As it turns out, one of the places we're looking at is like RIGHT beside his dads place.
This... makes me sad.

Here in a little while i'm going to Tajuanas and Roberts to wait until Nana gets home.
I painted her something last night that I want to give her.

I'm pretty happy with the way things are going lately.
I even got to see my aunt Kathy last night.

I think that's all for now.

Later <3

love must be as much a light...
as it is a flame.


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