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Tell a stranger that they're beautiful.
by Brittney™

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oh, you could've been mine, but we ran out of summertime.


scotty mccreery has made me a country music fan. <3

Well, I went to that doctor with high expectations, and came out devastated and crying. I really thought I was going to find something that worked for me, but instead I heard about another crazy ridiculous diet that was completely ridiculous. It was $29 for the consultation (aren't consultations usually free?). Anyway, then I got my blood pressure taken, then I got onto this fancy scale that gave me my weight, BMI, % water, etc. Then I met with Dr. Khaled. He explained my body make-up and such and I was really excited, and looking forward to hearing about this program. And then actually told me about the program. Listen to this...

It's $1,325 per 6 week period, and that includes a bunch of visits and shots and such. But I'm only allowed to eat the food that they give me. That's it. All they have is 2 types of nut-based granola bars (I hate nuts...), 2 types of soup (tomato and cream of chicken), 2 types of chip-like crisps, and 4-5 beverage options. That's all I'd eat for around 18-24 weeks. NOTHING ELSE. I wouldn't be allowed to eat ANYTHING else. And he basically told me I'm starving my body, so he would give me shots to keep my metabolism moving so it didn't stop. Really? And then after that phase was over, I'd move onto phase 2 or repeat phase 1. In phase 2, I eat only the food they give me for half the time, and then the other half when I was hungry, I'd take a food replacement supplement. Yeah. And then after I completed both phases (I'd probably do 2-3 rounds of each... at $1,325 every six week period for the 1st and every twelve week period for the 2nd) I'd move onto the third which would FINALLY start integrating actual food, but I'd be taking hunger suppressants. ;/

So, basically, it's fucking insane and no person in their right mind would want to do something like that unless it's an absolute last resort. I was so upset when I left. I wish I hadn't set certain expectations in my head going into it. Because it made me feel like this was the only option I had left. This was the only thing I could do to lose this weight. But I know it's not. So, I'm going to start eating more meals a day with smaller portions (and healthier meals). Also, I'm going to get a gym membership to Planet Fitness for the summer and make a pact to go my gym at Grand Valley at least 3 times a week when we go back (it's free for all students). Also, I'm going to meet with my regular doctor and ask if he'll just monitor my blood pressure/weight loss/sugar levels around once a month to make sure I'm on the right track. It's a much CHEAPER, healthier and realistic way of losing weight. Alyssa is going to get a gym membership with me as well, so that way I have some motivation! Plus, it's super close to my house. I'm determined to get healthy for me that way I don't run into any problems such as diabetes, heart issues, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. This summer is going to be good.

Anyway, off of weight loss and onto school! Yes, I know school is still 3 months away, but I've perfected my schedule for fall and winter with my new majors in mind! Take a look at how awesome my fall schedule is HERE and then my winter schedule HERE. Notice how there are no Friday classes either semester. Yes, I'm VERY excited! (: Haha. My winter schedule is 10 times better than my fall, but my fall still isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. And that history course I'm signed up for in the fall is an online course. I'm kind of excited about it. I think it'll give me a chance to really focus on doing work and not slacking. These are the classes I'm taking:

FALL 2011: Arabic 201 is intermediate Arabic I. It's just a continuation of a basic language course
Arabic 310 is Media Arabic. We'll be learning about journalism, movies, music, print, etc in the Arab world. I'm really excited!
History 102 is Introduction to European Civilizations. It should be really easy, no doubt. Rate my professors gave awesome reviews for the prof I'll be having, even if it's just an online course
Philosophy 103 is Logic and it counts as my gened math credit, not looking forward to it, but it has to be done
Writing 320 is Intermediate Poetry Workshop and basically it's like Creative Writing, just with only writing poetry

WINTER 2012: Arabic 202 is intermediate Arabic II. It's just a continuation of a basic language course
Arabic 301 is Conversational Arabic and we'll basically just be learning colloquial dialects of Arabic
Communications 302 is Small Group Communications and I'm really excited about this one — I love communication/communicating and it should be a very interesting class, very hands-on and group-oriented
Film 225 is Film Culture and is probably the only gened I'm looking forward to taking. I'm in it with my friend Sara, and since I was a film major for a year there, it should be a piece of cake
Sociology 280 is Social Problems in Sociology and it's another gened. Should be interesting, but again, it's a gened, how awesome could it actually be?

So yep! It's 16 credit hours both semesters, as I had this year. I'm really excited! Well... I've run out of possible things to talk about. xD Until next time, bloop!

- Brittney <3

previous entry: relapse prevent, trigger intent now drown.

next entry: the big, big bang. the reason i'm alive,

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Be careful at Planet Fitness. Their advertisements and actual rates aren't the same. I sat down with someone when I was looking for a gym and they were going to charge me a $50 dollar start up fee, $15 a month and then a cancellation fee of like $30-40 dollars just to go for the summer. I'm at Powerhouse now, it was a straight fee of $79 for 3 months and I absolutely love it there. Just be careful, those Planet Fitness people seemed shady to me. But good look on your weight loss, I know you can do it. You're a strong girl <3

[thatsPEACHY ™|0 likes] [|reply]

What the heck! That's the most ridiculous diet I've ever heard of! Lots of water and exercize should do the trick for you. Forget Drs I'm sure you can do it on your own =]

You already have your fall and winter schedules? We don't even find out what classes/times they're gonna be offering for the semester until a month before they actually start! =P

[GiggleStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Ryc; Shoot, come to Powerhouse with me! You'll feel comfortable, it's mainly big juicehead guys who are so into their own work out they don't even notice you exist.

[thatsPEACHY ™|0 likes] [|reply]

Ryc;, I've heard Zumba is so fun, but really hard. I'm afraid I might collapse if I tried it.

[thatsPEACHY ™|0 likes] [|reply]

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