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Stories from a girl with Borderline Personality Di
by MidniteAngel86

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† 1. Introdution


<B>Who am I</b>

Im Natasha but all my Family and friends call me Tarshy or Tarsha, Im 32 years of age will br 33 on december 28th, from Victoria Australia, I grew up between Victoria and Western Australia I was born in Victoria thn moved to Perth Western Australia then when I moved out of home i moved back to Victoria. Im currently in Western Australian visiting my family and also had a knee operation. I Have boyfriend i met on a dating site we havent met yet but that wont be for long judst gotta get back to victouris. wse talk and video chat all the time. I do worry he wont like me.

i have a mental health issue which Borderline Personality Disorder and theres a few more which are Complex aniexy, PTSD, Anorexia Nervosa. schizophrenia. 

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