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Rambles of a Semi Sane Person
by boringscreenname

previous entry: NOJOMO: Day 3



Today has been another quiet day. I didn't really do anything except sleep. I think I'm mostly over this cold. Spencer and Vivian still have a touch of the stomach bug going on, but Grant is fine.

It's my last night of work until Thursday night, and I only work an 8 hour shift tonight. We don't really have any plans for tomorrow, except cashing David's check, mailing out Spencer's school pictures and the money we owe my mom. Then David has to work from 4 to close, so I'll be hanging out with the kids all night and playing catch up on laundry. I have 1 load that needs to be folded and 2 that need to be washed, dried, and folded.

previous entry: NOJOMO: Day 3

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