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Rambles of a Semi Sane Person
by boringscreenname

previous entry: 09/02/2012

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Since my last update things have been going fairly well. David celebrated his 32nd birthday on the 7th. It was a pretty low key day and celebration. I bought him the newest WoW expansion and ordered him a headset that he wanted from NewEgg, so he was happy with that. 

His job at Subway has also been going really well. He's working around 20 hours a week, and seems to enjoy it, but he hates when they get hit with rushes (because there are only 2 people per shift) and people who insist on putting every vegetable and sauce under the sun on their subs. He seems to get along well with everyone and his manager seems like a reasonable person so I think it will work out fine. 

I have also picked up a second job of sorts. What I am doing is a work from home job, that I also work on while at my regular job. Basically what I do is get sent a batch of 250 questions, search terms, key words on a topic, then I research the topic, write a short blurb and include a source link and title. It's fairly easy if not boring.  Everything is done through Google Documents on a spreadsheet.There is also an editor reviewing my work daily to ensure that I'm doing things correctly. It's nice to receive that feedback so that I can adjust things accordingly if need be. Anyway I have one week to complete all 250 blurbs, then I submit it and get paid $80. You have to do at least one batch per week, but can do as many as you like. For now I'm sticking to one batch per week. I am saving this money and transferring it to my Paypal account for my Christmas fund.

The kids are also doing really well. Spencer is really enjoying preschool. His teacher said he is getting more interested in books. They are also starting to have him sit on the toilet at school, which he does willingly. He does the same thing at home, but never does anything (unless we get lucky and time it right), and he never indicates that he needs to go which is the main problem we're facing. At his last appointment he was 38 inches tall and weighed 33.5 lbs. 

Vivian is doing really well too, but she is becoming a bossy little thing. Whenever one of us leaves the house to check the mail or take trash out or generally go outside without letting her follow us she tells us to "Get back in house now!" We're still working on animal noises with her and she's learned a few more. We are also working on colors with both kids and I downloaded a couple flash card apps that speaks a word then the kids touch the appropriate picture. So far we've been working on toys, outdoor activities, everyday foods, fruits and vegetables. Vivian has also been going through the 2 year old sleep regression, and it sucks. Basically she refuses to go to sleep in her own bed without putting up a fight, then stalling, then throwing a tantrum. We've tried everything, we have a consistent routine that we've added to, to give her more individual attention but she is still not happy. Every day at naptime and bedtime she tells, I sleep with Mommy/Daddy." Sometimes we let her sleep with us other times we make her stay in her own bed which she hates. She will bang on the door and walls screaming and crying for us, usually she quiets down within 10-15 minutes if we just ignore her but man does she have a set of lungs. At her last appointment she weighed 28lbs and was 35 inches tall.

Grant is also doing really well. He just turned seven months old, and cut his bottom two teeth a couple weeks ago. The kid has terrible separation anxiety though, and of course it's only with me, he couldn't care less if David left. He has also started laughing and giggling whenever he sees us. He's still working on sitting up unassisted, he can do so for short amounts of time but he still forgets to keep himself balanced. He can get up on his knees and rock back and forth but has decided that rolling is his favorite mode of transportation. At his last appointment he was 25.5 inches long and weighed either 15.5 or 16.5lbs I can't remember which. The boy loves baby food and he loves to eat, since he has a couple teeth now we've been letting him eat those little Gerber Puffs. At first he wasn't too sure about them but now he loves them.

Earlier this week David and I went out and bought all the kids fall and winter clothes. One of my old co-workers told me about this place called Gabriel Brothers, which is similar to TjMaxx and Burlington Coat Factory, so we decided to check it out. I found a ton of really cheap and decent quality clothes for all the kids. I found some nice Timberland and U.S. Polo Association shirts for Spencer, and I found at least 5 nice sweater dresses for Vivian. I was also able to find both of the kids Winter jackets and a new pair of tennis shoes for Vivian.

Grant didn't get as much because he was getting cranky and restless and I didn't have much time to look at that section. 

Overall it was a good experience and I didn't spend a fortune, plus we earned a bunch of rewards that we can use later. I still need to buy the kids a few more pairs of pants each, but then they will be set. Spencer's pants are kind of frustrating. He can still wear a 2T but he has no room to grow in them lengthwise. So I bought him some 3T pants and they are huge on him even after using the adjustable waists. I'm just letting him wear the 2T stuff for now and we'll try the 3T again after a month or two. If they are still huge on him then we'll go to the Children's Place and Old Navy, because I heard their stuff often runs small and fits better on skinny kids. 

I also joined an online co-op through Facebook. If anyone on my friends' list wants to join send me a message and I will add you to the group. Basically the co-op sells various kids' stuff at a nice discount. I've already ordered the kids some adorable crocheted hats for winter for $5 a piece (pictures will be posted when they arrive), and next month they're selling nice kids' leather shoes, and Melissa and Doug toys so I'm looking forward to ordering some things for the kids then too. 

I also have all 3 kids set for Halloween. Spencer is going to be Cookie Monster. I swapped costumes with another mom. Then I bought Vivian an owl costume from Target for $15. Vivian keeps pointing to it and calling it a bird. Then Grant is going as a Penguin, it's actually Spencer's old one piece outfit from Crazy 8 but it will work fine as a costume. So everyone is all set, and I'm ahead of the game for once.

Other than that we haven't been up to much, just working and taking care of the kids. I'm getting close to completing my 100 book challenge, I'm up to 85 so far. So I don't think it will be too hard for me to knock out 15 more in the next couple months. 

previous entry: 09/02/2012

next entry: NOJOMO: Day 1 Halloween (Pictures)

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