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Theme of the Week
by Theme Of The Week

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Theme of the Week Needs Your Help!


Hi all,

It's been close to 2 months since the last TOTW themes were posted. As Community Organizer, I've dropped the ball and I am so sorry! Now that I am back, Theme of the Week needs your help!

When I picked TOTW back up in September after a 7 year hiatus, I changed the format to 3 different themes to choose from weekly. I thought that by giving you more theme ideas would help inspire you to write more. It worked for a while but started to become tedious for me to come up with 3 theme topics weekly. Some of you have been very helpful with theme ideas and I am grateful for that and thank you for your help!

I've completely exhausted the suggestions submitted to this diary and I need your help to get TOTW running again. But, first, a bit of a poll:

Should we keep the 3 theme topics a week or go back to one topic a week?

How I have been formatting the 3 themes is: theme 1 is a submission from a blooper, theme 2 is an old theme posted previously, and theme 3 was a theme I chose myself. I've also exhausted all the good old themes as well.

So what I am asking from you guys is two things:

1. Theme idea submissions
2, Suggestions on format (what would make you more excited to visit TOTW and participate?)

Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions!

Beth, Community Organizer

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previous entry: Theme 437

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