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Theme of the Week
by Theme Of The Week

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Theme 417




With a bit of a twist!


In the old times we only gave you one TOTW topic a week. You then wrote an entry based on the theme and submitted it to the TOTW circle (OMG who remembers the discussion boards!)


Well, we no longer have those discussion boards and we're revamping this to make it more interesting and to give you more variety. So here is the new Theme of the Week. Bloopers can submit TOTW topic ideas via messages as we always did and we will go through them. On Saturdays we will be giving you  3  options to choose from: one we come up with and select two topics submitted to us. 

You can choose as many topics you'd like. We would love for you to post links in the comment area to share your entries. Let's get to sharing with this week's topics: 

TOTW 417 Option 1:


TOTW Topic: If you could see any features Bloop used to have, which feature would you like to see the most and why? If you could have any feature that has never been implemented here at Bloop, what feature would it be and why? 


TOTW 417 Option 2:


theme Submitted by Childlike Faith. »

TOTW Topic: Talk about returning to Bloop. If you left, where have you been and why did you come back? If you stayed, how do you feel about all the oldtimers returning? 

TOTW Theme Option 3:


 theme Submitted by Ambassador4 Christ »

TOTW Topic: Write a letter to the you that started your original diary on Bloop. Give advice and encouragement about the future. 



classic layouts 

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