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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Out They Go


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I am the receptionist at Company X.

My fiance also used to work for Company X but he was laid off in 2008.

Since then, he has applied for several jobs at Company X, including jobs he used to do. Not only has he never been interviewed for any of these jobs, no one in human resources has even contacted him to acknowledge receipt of his resume.

But other people have been hired into these positions (most of them coming from a company that Company X bought out a few months back).

Fiance has indeed been going through the proper procedure for applying for a job with Company X - the idea is to go to the website and submit an electronic application & resume, which is transmitted to our corporate office in a different state. We don't even see any of this information until Corporate sends it to us.

Yet seven times, he has been ignored.

So, ever since then, if I see any resumes come to our office through the mail (which is not the proper way to apply anyway), it goes into my purse, it goes home with me, and gets tossed in the dumpster. I am determined to narrow the field of candidates for any job, and thus reduce the competition for my fiance.

Just for the record - my fiance has continued to work for this industry, only he is currently doing so via the local union. People at Company X often request him for various jobs. So they know him, they know his work, and they LIKE his work. Problem is, those are the people who don't have hiring power.

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I don't understand why he's continuing to apply for jobs at this company. Obviously they're not interested.

You taking people's resumes and throwing them out is denying people the chance at employment.

Perhaps your husband should take the (obvious) hint and seek employment elsewhere. [JellykaStar] [reply]

Absolutely agreed!
[esméelefay] [reply]

Got to agree.

Always♥ [Mistress Snape] [reply]

^^ What she said. When you get caught you're butt isn't going to be laid off, it's going to be fired. Have fun with that. [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

^ truth!

♥ -
[Lauren.] [reply]

While I can understand wanting to improve the chances of your fiance getting a job, I would consider the potential risk of what you are doing. It seems likely that you would lose your job if discovered (at minimum, since stealing mail is a federal offense). Currently, you have a job and he has at least part time work. That is better than you having no job and him only working part time. [Winged Centaur] [reply]

as someone who has worked in corporate america, this is not really a good idea.

1) you could lose your job/all credibility, making both of you unemployed.
2) doesn't matter what Company X is-- if people like his work, then utilize that and have those people help him find a job!!! If they don't do that, then they are being passive (you probably live on the west coast) and he should seek help somewhere else.
3) rarely RARELY RARELY does a company pick an employee back up after laying them off. Doesn't matter what the reason is (lack of money, lack of offices, lack of computers... i've heard it all).
4) utilize linked in and twitter. Sounds stupid- but i've gotten more jobs this way. (I work in software)

Best option? have him apply elsewhere for double the money. If he is honestly good at it, then he will get the job and get more money. [LN] [reply]

Okay so they obviously dont want to hire your fiance back. Get over it and look for jobs elsewhere. I understand the economy is tough but as jellyka said, take the OBVIOUS hint and start sending resume's elsewhere. No one these days is going to hold it against him that he was LAID OFF. However, if they find out what you're doing not only will you be FIRED but you will lose, as LN said, all credibility, and good luck ever getting a job as a receptionist again, if they find out you were fired for throwing out paperwork. That's stupid as hell and you're denying people who, lets be real here, might need the job more than your fiance. [Betch.] [reply]

Maybe you should just accept they don't want to employ him instead of denying people who have legitimetely applied a chance. What makes you the be all and end all to decide whether he is better then them? Clearly he's not if they still haven't hired him. [.Blue Bella.Star] [reply]

So, they sack him, yet he continues to apply for a job there, wow, he has some brains! [Transit] [reply]

He should apply to other jobs that does not involve that company then. [ms. burtStar] [reply]

its good that this company x he keeps trying for, but if the job is somehting you guys need really bad, he should consider applying for different jobs in the same field else where... it shows they are not interested... [The Dreaming Wife ] [reply]

You do realize that if they ever find out what you've done you'll more than likely end up losing your job... [AmyLou Who ™] [reply]

As someone that tried to get their job back at a company that I left, I know for a fact my ex assistant manager did to me what you are doing to those applicants but Karma got her by 9 employees going to corporate with complaints & she got demoted & will never see the inside of a store as any sort of manager ever again.

This may make me sound like a bitch but I hope your Karma is worse & that you get fired. Bitch move on you & I have no sympathy for your fiance at this point. He needs to take the hint & look else where if he's not happy with what he is doing now.

Always♥ [Mistress Snape] [reply]

As an HR person in my company, we lay people off, but we're really firing them with no intention of EVER hiring them back, even if the same position opens up. Additionally, there is a good chance that they won't hire him back because he is your fiance and soon to be husband. Some companies don't/won't allow that. [Mommy_Bunny] [reply]


Also, there's the possibility there's something your fiance isn't telling you about his dismissal. Certain circumstances make it impossible for him to be re-hired. I'd ask him the real reason he got sacked. [Emily the StrangeStar] [reply]

Let me know how it goes when you get canned? Maybe you can both keep applying for jobs at the same company... [Beautiful LiesStar] [reply]

I agree. I wanna know what's going to happen after the company finds out. [canceroustearsStar] [reply]

What you are doing is so very very very wrong and you're jeopardizing your own career to boot! Did you ever stop to think that maybe your fiancee was not a good fit for that job and they don't want to repeat their 1st mistake? What good will you do by getting yourself canned? Give other people the opportunity to work. If I ever found out anyone was doing this to MY resume, I'd sue! Shame on you. [Hidden DepthsStar] [reply]

That's the problem, no one seems to think about the consequences of their actions. You would think that in a time such as we are now (with unemployment still disgustingly high) that people wouldn't do that crap. Especially since her Fiance was laid off, so she knows first hand how much that sucks for others. Disrespectful. It makes me sick. [Beautiful LiesStar] [reply]

thats some bad juju baby !
and not worth the risk in the natural or spiritual world. [graymist] [reply]

You could get fired. And then you'll be in the same boat. Tell your dumbass fiance to look elsewhere because obviously Company X laid him off because they couldn't afford him anymore, what possibly makes you think he's going to get hired again after SEVEN tries? [Finally Mrs. Bailey] [reply]

I can see your reasoning for doing that....however, your ruining the chances of people getting employed. your fiance is already employed. What about those people who have applied that are desperate for a job and need to take care of their family. In my OPINION you taking the applications and throwing them away....there is a family out there who just had a newborn baby, and they are trying to take care of that child, and you interfered with that. my opinion again is just wrong. And karma is a long as u continue to do that.....who knows? He may never be offered the job...or u just may wind up losing urs. THINK! [*Andr3a*] [reply]

I hope someone does the SAME thing to you. You're taking food out of a child's mouth and that's disgusting of you. Stop and use your brain. You have one for a reason and it's not to walk this Earth acting like a selfish dumbass. You ought to be ashamed of yourself and help your fiance' get a job SOMEWHERE ELSE because they obviously no longer want him at their company. If I were your boss, I wouldn't just fire you, I'd go see a lawyer and see if there was any way to press charges against you just because of what a peice of shit thing you're doing. [Khoquetishღ] [reply]

I agree with everyone here..

I have survived about 6 lay offs so far.. and I'm still surprised i'm still there (however.. i'm glad i am considering finding a job now sucks more then ever)

I don't think your soon to be hubby is applying on his own free will.. I think YOU are pushing him to do it.. so you can get him rehired and be some kind of "power couple" there..

but newsflash, honey.. YOU BOTH NEED TO GET OVER IT.. otherwise like the others say.. Your going to get fired..

and i won't feel sorry for you when you do..

I'm curious what the company x is so i can let them know that there is someone in their company who is throwing away documents that shouldn't be thrown away. [Absinthe] [reply]

you do know that eventually you'll be caught for discrimination towards hiring. [•Chancellor St.Blue•Star] [reply]

This is quite disturbing. I agree with most here....obviously they dont want to rehire him, yet youre taking the opportunity away from someone else who just might need the job much more then he does. Shame doesnt begin to cover what you should feel.

Yep...I was here! [SproutStar] [reply]

In almost every case when a person is laid off it's because they had pissed someone off and made themselves expendable. He might be a great worker, he might bring in a lot of money, but someone there would rather take a chance on a new employee than to bring him back. It could be something as simple and dumb as keeping a messy desk or having an annoying ringtone on his phone, if he rubbed someone the wrong way that's all it takes.

He needs to take the hint, and move on. And you need to do your job and watch your back rather than give people a reason to lay you off too. Chances are, you have a target on your back anyway if it's common knowledge that you're his fiance. [dreams.came.true] [reply]

I hope your IP address can be tracked so that you can be identified, fired, and arrested. You are stealing property that includes personal information that may or may not be confidential, which was sent to Company X's hiring staff for evaluation, not sent to you for disclosure. Not to mention, how would you feel if you knew someone with an unidentified chip on her shoulder was throwing away your job applications? What if you had kids to feed and bills to pay?

If you are not truly ashamed of yourself after reading all the truth-laying comments here, you might want to seek therapy. [mixie] [reply]

not to mention the legal ramifications for stealing mail, and losing your job, like everyone else said, they OBVIOUSLY don't want to hire your fiance, or they would have. [one + twins.Star] [reply]

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