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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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One of those friends


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I had a fuck buddy. I fell in love with him. I told him. He ended it with me. I was getting over him. 10 days later he text me asking to come round. i said yes. he came round we had sex, now i'm back to square one and i dont know what to do. I cant say no to him because i am in love with him. and i am not a teenager, i'm in my 20s its not like im niave cuz im not.
I know he doesnt feel the same for me and i know i need to walk away but i dont want to break my heart or maybe i already did? i dont know! no-one knows about him online or in real life because i am so ashamed of myself.

previous entry: Once and again

next entry: Depraved


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I would just completely severe that tie. It will be hard at first, but you will find someone who wants you for more than just sex and then you will find true happiness! [xo heatherStar] [reply]

The thing you really have to ask yourself is: would you rather hurt once, really big, and have it over with? Or would you rather allow yourself to hurt, really big, over and over and over? [-kayStar] [reply]

you have to get the courage and stick up for yourself. it's not fair to you that he is only using you for sex. [burt.Star] [reply]

apaarently you are naive. you know what he is, you know what his intentions are and he left you because you dropped the L word? I want to sympathize with you, really I do. But damn it couldn't be any more clearer than what it is. Only you can fix it. There is nothing to lose if you had nothing to begin with. And you didn't. [JuJu.Bean.♥Star] [reply]