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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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New Year's Eve; I got very drunk and clothes came off. This wasn't with my partner of 2 years, and there was zero guilt.
The only thing that came out of it was my realization that it was such a good time, and that I am not in love with my partner.
But we're so... safe.

I feel lost, but not guilty.

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I feel bad for ur partner [The Dreaming Wife ] [reply]

If there's no love than safe or not let your partner go so they find someone that actually deserves to be with them. I'm sorry to be a bitch but I have no respect or sympathy for. At all. I hope you feel guilty & that it eats at you until you do what is right.

Always♥ [Mistress SnapeStar] [reply]

Break up with him. [Anonymous SourceStar] [reply]

I do not hope you feel guilty. Sometimes it takes something like that to realize that you don't love the person you thought you did, or that you need a change in life. It's a part of who you are now. And whether that change that's coming means that you and your partner will stay together or not, will 'fall in love again' or move on to other things will also become a part of you.

Also, I would like to note that all that was said was clothes came off and that the partner wasn't present. I'm the kinda person who uses loopholes, so, for all we know, the submitter could have been masturbating without their partners permission, or could have simply gotten naked with someone else around. doesnt mean that they did the dance with no pants or something like that. lol [Ice Vampire] [reply]

Makes you human... [DocStar] [reply]

thats how I felt last year. Went through something very similar. [Butterflys don't lie] [reply]

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