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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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I did it


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i did it, even though i swore i would never do it. we are just too different and its not possible.

but i fell for you..

we met only a few months ago, and everyone could see it happening. they could see me falling, and they tried to stop it. but it was hopeless, we found a way around it. but it cant work, at least not right now. what am i supposed to do when all i want is for you to be lying next to me?

those few precious moments we get on the phone, are amazing. i wish i could talk to you forever.

do you know that every second i'm not talking to you, i think that i'm crazy, that i'm wasting my time, that someone else would be more sensible for me? every second. but, when we talk, even for that 10 minutes, i know why i waste my time on you. and even if its just for that 10 minutes, it makes me realize that you're worth it.

previous entry: Lost

next entry: Still in love


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I wonder what the differences between you two are. Even though opposites attract, sometimes the differences are too large to conquer love. [xo heatherStar] [reply]

if you feel the way you do, then don't think someone else should be taking their place. me and my boyfriend are completely opposite in a lot of ways but we connect. don't get rid of something that makes you happy because then you'll be miserable. [burt.] [reply]