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by Team Bloop

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Vote: Should we add a like button?


Hi Bloopers,

The question today: Should we add a like button for entries and comments?

Comment YES or NO below.



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previous entry: Bugfix: Frontpage editing

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No. The point of this community is to A) write what's going on in your life and how you're feeling and B) interact with other diarist on a personal level. We're all already a bit lazy on commenting. The "like" button would make that even worse. [xo heatherStar] [reply]

good point! [HorrorVixen XO] [reply]

I agree! It takes away from the interaction and conversation. [Jenna bean....] [reply]

Ironically, if I could "like" this comment, I would. Agreed. [unusual_gem_appeared] [reply]

I agree!!! [*amour de bebe*Star] [reply]

Yes [valenciaStar] [reply]

I'm split in half on this. A like button would be ok for things that you don't know what to comment with but you like it. But a like would also be about the equivalent of leaving a blank comment. [Comment Whore™Star] [reply]

No, we are a community where we share our thoughts, both good and bad. A place where we can come to vent our frustrations and tell secrets...or just our day-to-day happenings.
We have the reader's choice , that is good enough. [A RedSox FanStar] [reply]

Good point on the reader's choice. I didn't even think about that. Does anyone even use that feature anymore? [xo heatherStar] [reply]

I have a diary on Easy Diary diary name minnie58 ...

we have a like button for diaries and entries there. Sometimes I think it can make a diarist feel bad if the like button is pushed for some comments but not theirs. Also the same for entries. I'm not a facebook fan. [angelleeStar] [reply]

No. One of the things I like is that this place isn't Facebook [williamthebloody] [reply]

Glad to see some feedback on this - I feel a very similar way, but didn't want to not add a relatively simple feature if people really wanted it. [SteveStar] [reply]

[just delStar] [reply]

I think it would be nice to be able to like comments, but not entries. If you like an entry, the blank comments or even a smiley comment is fine. But as a writer, sometimes I want to show commenters appreciation for their feedback and replying to each with "thanks" is just silly to me. [Begin~Again] [reply]

No. I agree with what the other comments have said about connecting on a personal level, etc. I think if there was a "like" button, then people wouldn't comment anymore. [A♥Babe] [reply]

It will be too much like FB and become a competition like it does on FB. Also, being a part of BLOOP gives a chance for others to read about what's going on in their life and comment on it and I believe a "like" button will hinder that a bit. The reason I like Bloop so much because it ISN'T Facebook. Yes, pretty much everyone has an account, but there's all the "this girl wants to get a million likes; lets do it!" among other crap on there.

 photo _love__by_cookiemagik-d35xgjx.gif
[Ethan JamesStar] [reply]

No. One reason I'm still at Bloop is because people engage with each other beyond a "thumbs up!" [Seeking Him] [reply]

Yeah, I'm going along with 'no'. [bonnieR] [reply]

Noooo. I vote no for the like button. [*amour de bebe*Star] [reply]

No. It seems a little lazy. As a diary sight I feel we are a little classier than Facebook. I prefer we keep it thoughtful here. If you add one though it wouldn't hurt a diarist like me though. I just wouldn't use it. [E. Quill] [reply]

Well darn I was going to say yes BUT after reading the comments I see their point. It would just be nice to be able to let someone know you read and are not just a stalker. Most of the time people read and you do not know unless you have extra and can see who is reading. HUM I am torn now... [stickbug7Star] [reply]

Definitely no!
[JessicaStar] [reply]

Don't care. Though for people who don't have Xtra, it's a way of having more knowledge of who's looked at their entry - more people will like than comment. And if people were still getting indignant about people who 'lurk', it would be a good way for lurkers to do more than lurk! But if you do it, you should totally make more options than 'like' - you need buttons for a 'WTF?' and a 'tl;dr' and a 'woah - I am so indignant on your behalf' and stuff!

I think you should get rid of the new coding that only shows one entry per person on the main page. I like to see if someone has done several updates in a day. It shows me how active they are. And for myself, I only get into the swing of Blooping if I'm writing several updates per day. But now I feel I have to wait till my entry has disappeared from the main page, by which time I'm no longer in the Bloop update momentum, and I disappear from Bloop again. So I end up only writing one entry every few months, instead of, say, fifty in a period of two weeks every few months. Though of course, you may be happy about that! But I had a lot of interaction with Bloopers when I was on a Bloop roll - plenty of people liked my entries! And those who don't can easily block me and not see them. [whatevzStar] [reply]

No. Definitely not Facebook or Twitter [*All by Love*] [reply]


This is a diary site. If readers like an entry or even other comments made on it, they can leave their own comment and/or nominate the entry for Readers' Choice.

Bloop does not need to become another social networking site. [Hopeful_Sunflower] [reply]

Please no.
It's nice to see that people actually still comment each other on here.
I think it would be annoying. [once.upon.a.time.Star] [reply]

No [True] [reply]

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