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by Team Bloop

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Team Bloop Needs You're Help!


Hello Bloopers!

Great news! Steve, Mark, and I are gearing up to start meeting again and planning the future of our great BloopDiary! We know we have much work to do though. As a community, we share this space and we feel it's important that everyone has a voice here. We want to hear from you because your opinion matters!

We would love for you to take a few moments and answer the following questions for us. All your answers will be helping us decide what next to do with the site!

1. What is your most favorite feature to use?
2. What is your least favorite feature to use?
3. What feature would you like to see added to Bloop that we currently do not have?
4. How easy is it to navigate around Bloop?
5. If you could change one thing, what would it be and why?
6. Any other comments, questions, or concerns you'd like to share?

NOTE: I have made all comments on this entry private so the only ones who can see your answers are you and us! If you feel it is easier for you to answer in a private message, that is also okay.

Thank you so much for your help,

Beth, Community Organizer

Visit the support area for assistance and the most recent system related updates.

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previous entry: NOJOMO Starts Tomorrow!

next entry: Embedding Social Media Accounts

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