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by Team Bloop

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Some New Things Happening & Team Live Meeting


Hello Bloopers!

Our next Team Bloop Live Meeting is tomorrow, Sunday December 13 at 7:00 pm EST on Facebook Live. Link to BloopDiary's Facebook is at the bottom of the entry. Please like and follow us if you don't already!

We will be discussing some changes and new features:

1. Instant Messaging - NOW AVAILABLE! Icon on top right of your screen with a blue "new" bubble above it! Check it out!

2. Research Study - we will be conducting a research study to find out what is working and what needs to be improved/added to make the BloopDiary experience amazing for all. If you would like to be included please message me at Greta Garbage

3. Discussion Forums - we have a new Forum called Forum Games. We have 1 game and 1 contest currently running:

A - Z Christmas: post a picture of something Christmas related beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. We are currently on R.

Holiday Decorations Contest: Post a picture of your decorated home, tree, or room and the best decorations will win a $15 Amazon gift card. Deadline to get your pictures in is December 26th. Winner will be decided and posted that day.

Anyone can host a game or contest in this forum!

4. Chat Room and Trivia - the chat room is up and running and we even have trivia again! You can get to chat by going to the main page and it's listed in the right column. We have 3 commands you can use:

To change the color of your name: !changecol
To see a list of chatters: !chatters
To start trivia: !triviastart

Mark also says he has something to special to share with us in the meeting and although I don't know what is (he's keeping mum about it) I am excited to learn what it is!

We hope to see you all in the meeting!

Beth, Community Organizer

Visit the support area for assistance and the most recent system related updates.

Like Bloop? Keep in touch on the Facebook group:Bloop Diary
Follow our Weekly Staff Meetings on YouTube: BloopDiary Channel

previous entry: Team Bloop Live Meeting

next entry: Tonight's Meeting and Highlights

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