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by Team Bloop

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Changes are coming


Hello Bloopers,

If you are interested, please check out to see the latest version of Bloop.

In particular, the new taskbar will no longer be optional. You should notice some new icons on the top right corner, in particular:

  • The bell notification icon - there will be a number here if you have any messages, comments or updated faves.
  • The devisualise icon if you are viewing an entry.
  • The search button for those of you who have never seen the new taskbar.

There are a variety of other changes too, but not all of them are going to be noticeable.

Let me know what you guys think. And if you come across any bugs, leave a comment to let me know!



Visit the support area for assistance and the most recent system related updates.

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previous entry: Bug fixes

next entry: Changes implemented

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