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My Life...
by Blondie
can't go a day quote
I'm 22.
I Love my michael with all my heart, been with him over three years now, and he means everything to me.
Going to school after summer.
I'm very ditzy people call me barbie or that i should be blonde.
I'm Spontanious and i dont know how to spell it lol.
I get distracted very easily.
I have the worst memory in the world.
I have a big mouth and speak my mind no matter what.
I'm very outgoing.
I love to sing, write, hangout, do hair, do make up, love swimming.
I love bright colors.
I have three cats there so cute.
Love shoes.
I love music.
Be nice to me I'll be nice back but if not I can be the biggest bitch you've ever known.

& I'll prove you wrong.
Tell ME what to DO
& I'll.tell you OFF.
Say I'm.not Worth it
& watch where I. end up.
Call me a BITCH
& I'll show. you One.
& I'll. do it to you TWICE as bad.
Call me CRAZY...
But you really. have No Idea

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