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Shadows Of Fantasia........
by I Fear Who I Am Beco

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Truth in all its ugliness.


It has taken a while but I finally decided to revamp what I wrote in 2014 to make it more concurrent with my current. (See what I did there? ) But I need to do this. For myself. For you. I am tired of being silent. IT IS ALL ABOUT CHOICES. But whos? 

I can find only 2 other people in this cuntry that are like me. And I want to know why.

Being lied to from day 1 of our lives, is the way it works. I dont know how many people actually know they are doing what they are doing, but some do. 

 I had graves disease and had to have my thyroid removed, I would say in 2011. Started realizing certain doctors were lying to my face, and hiding my own scans from me. I am not going into more person details than I have to, i made that mistake too many times, but I will tell you that the first thing I felt after the ' explosion ' in my body, was I was sitting on my knees on my bed in the basement in 2014, and I had something that looked like a small fly, but was very sharp, fly right into my mouth, and attatch to the back of my throat. Over time, my entire neck was taken over by this weird thick substance, and I felt strings hanging down, like spiderwebs everywhere, which then spread to face, and other body parts. You can see these webs if you look close enough and sometimes rip them off, but its mind numbingly tedious. 

When I swallow, i feel it in the back of my head. for years i had the feeling of being pricked like with needles. They said i had fibromyalgia. Hearing weird noises in my ears, like plinking rubber bands. Nothing there. It felt like muscles being cut, which I now realized is probably my own nerves. I felt them come into my jaw and spine. I feel them constantly. Square in forehead, things make shapes all over. Now my whole forehead has been taken over. My face. My actual eyeballs are loose. i can feel little things dart up my spine and into my head. frankly, this thing has moved upand up and up, and it doesnt even where you see the back of my head its not where it should be. they create some thick layers of skin. 

There are ' balls ' that I saw running back and forth in my stomach, which now appear to be ' cysts ' and I say that word loosely, hundreds of them, hard balls under my skin all over. I was taken over in the face by very rapidly spreading layers of wet thick liquid and if you tried to stop it, you had some bitter acidic liquid in your mouth and down your throat. 

I had so much metal in me, the doctor asked me if I could have possibly swallowed metal without knowing it. i have a thick layers of skin around my neck like a collar which alot of you have seen move by itself. its how it moved up. I felt like things exploding in my stomach, felt like hot acid boiling every night. then id feel even the seat through my back in the car. Inside of my head sounded like aluminum foil. it felt like hairs all down my back. thing is i chopped my hair off when i got sickest.

  That is about the time I started finding dead animals all around. Very demonic things started happening around me. I will leave it at that for now. 

I have not even started on how they bored thru my throat they are thick and wide and painful and i can reach into my mouth and feel them with my own fingers. I had pictures and videos of evidence, and someoen came into my hospital room ( AFTER I TOLD THE DOCTOR THE INFO WAS ON THERE ) and steal it right out of my room, then laugh about it when we tried to text them for it back. I have more proof now , so they did me a favor in a way. 

By the way, I wanna set you loose from something right now. If you did drugs and or were an alcoholic, THAT IS NOT WHY THIS IS HAPPENING TO YOU, SO BE SET FREE FROM THAT BURDEN. I know how heavy it is. You are LOVED.  You were chosen before the foundation on the world, by God. Just...Roll with it. 

Walmart is part of their organization along with just about every other fast food chain. Also. The people in your churches who are saying they love God and are good teachers and children love them, and some of them might really think they are doing good by teaching the ways of God to them, the ways of the world to them, the way things are done so they dont make others uncomfortable arund them in public? They.......Arent from here, Ill leave it at that. For now. 

It is about mind control and programming real people and copying us so to speak. But so much more. 

Manufactured straight in the pit of hell.


I am tortured every day. That is what this is. Huge dents that werent there before. I gagged and coughed DOWN a cheese stick thickness THING that I truly thought was a worm.  ( Better than thinking its your brain coming down eh? ) 

I went into the hospital, and they drugged me and wouldnt let me wake up, except to sign papers then immeditaly drug me again. My friendwas there telling them to stop and they wouldnt.

I havent been able to really feel...For a very long time. Most of the memories of my childhood are gone or blocked from my conscious memories. Not just my childhood anymore. 

 I dont care about the being followed and freaky tests they put had me through. I am being TORTURED every day in my body from this. I used to write huge long things explaining all my symptoms but i wont in this here. Cept to say that spinning black propellor fan in my right eye is still there.


I needed to know what is happening.


And now my suspicions have been confirmed. 


The question, after 8 years is not what is it anymore. But what to do about it. 


What can take down a system within a system ( which is called terra forming btw ) that uses harmful bacteria and fungus, infuses it with weaponized SHIT for lack of a better word, and takes over your body system? 


And it all started with a little enord......Flying into my mouth. You figure that word out. Itll come to you. 


Some of you may have felt it hit the side or back of your head. I am determined to find REAL cases of this, becuase its illegal, its illegal in the highest sense and those responsible need to be brought to justice. Can I do that alone? Heck no. But God............................




previous entry: SICK PEOPLE IN GENERAL.

next entry: COMING OUT GOLD.

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