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Shadows Of Fantasia........
by I Fear Who I Am Beco

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ALL OF YOU TALK ABOUT THE VOICE OF THE MARTYR AND PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS IN OTHER COUNTRIES AND YOU IGNORE THE TORTURE THAT BELIEVERS ARE GOING THROUGH HERE IN AMERICA AT THE HANDS OF THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT. I am not afraid to tell you the truth because the time is beyond short. I live every day in perpetual hell. There are no words to express what I go through, and I was never supposed to surivive this. Lets see if I can articulate what is going on from head to foot, it might help you and put some things in their proper perspective for your own life. Okay so at one point the skin on my elbows and feet turned black and fell off. I was put into a state where I lost control of both my bladder and my bowels, I had to carry a plastic bag with me wherever I went to sit on, and I would lose my urine and bowels at the grocery store, anywhere. I had 2 heart attacks and a mini stroke. Bells palsy. Lyme. Morgellons. The stupid names they put on things to get money is ludacris. All through my body there is a vein looking thing that is hard as metal, and runs all the way through my body. I have had replication happen, and what I mean by that is I used to stick my finger down my throat and feel these candle wick feeling things and I would push them down, but when I did, it made my mouth collapse on itself. I hvae photos of this. My mouth literally caved in, and I watched something flesh colored liquid come in and rebuild it right in front of my eyes. This happened several times, but the ' worm ' has gotten so strong that I cant push it down anymore. It took over my mouth, throat and head and neck and shoulders. When I told my doctor that I was swallowing into the back of my head and the water would go up over my scalp when I drank, they said that that was impossible. When I told them that something slipped down the ' tunnel ' around my neck and took over my throat they said that was impossible. When I told my hollistic doctor, he looked me right in the eyes and said that someone was poisoning me. I have been a TI ( Targeted Individual ) all of my life, but only became aware of it 5 years ago. The reality of perpetrators even the people I know ( they do not all know they are being used against you ) terrified me at first. Anyone who eats fast food, has the toxins and metals built up and has not detoxed their body from this world, has the nanotechnology in them weather they realize it or not, and I can prove EVERYTHING that I say. I do not speak out of my ass or speak just to talk. I have been through more than anyone I know. Harassed on a daily basis, this thing in me must be really important to someone, thats all that I can say. I can push it with my tongue and it will push back. It hissed at me one time from my own throat. Do you realize how frightening that is? IT IS TRANSHUMANISM in the flesh. I was not supposed to survive. As for my fingers and hands, I watched a dark liquid take them over, I experienced my arms and legs jerking without permission, didnt realize I was having mini seizures, and because of my natural former hatred of myself, they uised that against me to the point that I ignored my symptoms for a long time, and put up with agonizing pain that would have driven others mad in a heartbeat. ITS TORTURE. Keep right on ignoring us and calling us insane. WHO DECIDED WHAT IS INSANE? We are telllng the truth and some of us can prove it. AS LONG AS WE ARE BREATHING WE ARE THE TRUTH OF PROOF DONT YOU SEE? I am begging you who believe in God to help us. I have every body part affected. Enemas helped at first but then I felt it crawl into my brain, my head actually shrank. I proved that over and over and over, I have made videos, made posts, poured my heart out to you, but you insist on the worlds way of thinking, please I beg of you, help us. When we detox our body from this worlds chemicals and toxins and food, your eyes start to open up again. The eyes that really matter. Your spiritual eyes. You think you are okay because you prayed the sinners prayer? NO. If you cannot hear His voice through the chatter, you are not okay. I dont care who you are. You are sinning greatly against God by calling us insane. Covering your eyes with a blanket of denial to the truth may provide a comforting blanket for now, but just wait. Someday, someone will rip that completley off of you and you'll finally be the one who is left in the cold. You may never be able to comprehend what I am speaking of, but maybe someday you will, and, maybe someday I will no longer care. God help you and me both if that day comes. I could go on and on but Im not. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME, ASK THE CREATOR. If you really know God you can ask Him and get an answer. If you dont, then you wont. Praying a prayer to get to heaven is not the point, its to get heavein back inside of you. BEFORE YOU WERE BORN YOU WERE WITH GOD AND WE VOLUNTEERED TO COME HERE. TRUTH. Recieve the message or dont. This is for someone. Dont give up. You are not crazy. I believe you.

2.  Quick thought of the day. What this uneducated world calls multiple personalities really is: They split us into millions of parts. Every time we are hurt by the trauma THEY CAUSE. Everyone, when things bad happen, always say something like ' Well thats just life ' , or ' Everything happens for a reason ', etc. Youre damntastically right. But not always a good reason. YES God can turn it to work for our good, but ignoring that these bad things dont ' just happen ' and we were meant to get off our ass and protect ourselves, protect our families, and do it through quantum spiritual warfare. Yes you read that right. People want to live in the ignorance is bliss mentality, because they think it wont come for them, let me tell you friends, if you think like that, the enemies already have you in clutches. And yes there ARE enemies. Human and spiritual. I am so tired of ppl telling me I am pointing fingers because I say, hey raping little kids is BAD AND MAKES THE PERSON AWFUL. Ok. So others say, but what CAUSED IT? Does it matter? Im gonna go on a limb here and say yes.......This world is BROKEN. And all we do is say ' Trust God ' and do nothing about it, so how could there ever possibly be change? STOP FEEDING WHAT YOU HATE. I am talking to myself too. STOP FEEDING WHAT DISGUSTS US. If you hate the way the medical system is taught by the PURPOSELY INCORRECT Merk Manuel, then start a class to educate nurses and doctors. Show them proof. Make them see. BECAUSE YOU CANT MAKE ANYONE BELIEVE SOMETHING, all we can do is show them the proof and MOVE ON. Dont plant yourself permanently in the life of one person who just stubbornly wont believe you, because that is not what most of us are called to do, and trust me it is nauseating to stay in that situation. THEY BURIED US UNDERGROUND, BUT WHAT THEY DID NOT KNOW IS THAT WE WERE SEEDS. AND NOW WE ARE SEED PLANTERS. If you are connected to the real creator, then you wont lose your light by sharing it with someone else. And theres a cleanness of the heart spirit and soul that is more important than the physical body. It took me a long time to admit this. But here I am. And we will see what can be accomplished if we pursue INNER healing of all our parts. I promise you this, not because I am there, but because I have been there and it is truth...Heal the inside, and the outside will follow and get into a lighment. Believe me or dont. I only am a voice. A seed planter. A bruised reed. Unlikely to be a hero. But chosen no matter what anyone says. And so are you. Chosen by darkness and light. Chosen ...Own it. I love you.

3. I am admitting that I have no idea how to rest in God. I know how to fight, and war, but without the rest its impossible to keep it up. I have dealt with the symptoms of what they call Lyme and Morgellons and Neurotoxcicity, and Mast cell and pretty much ALL lead back to the same thing. Toxin overload. Period. And that makes you feel so many horrible things, and if you dont have positive understanding compassionate family or friends to help you, doing it alone is IMPOSSIBLE. And yet here I am doing it alone. I have been blocked and obstructed at every turn by the enemy, physically, financially, emotionally, dont even get me started on that one. You feel panicked and scared, and like your insides are being ripped out and the lines begin to blur between sanity and insanity, and THATS when the kicker happens and you realize you have been lied to all your life, both intentionally and unintentionally, and what THIS WORLD calls sanity, is just a limitation put on humans so we dont BREAK OUT OF THE MOLD ( and I mean that quite literally. clay is what we are on the inside, believe me ) In other words this worlds labels and ' right and wrong ' are LIES. And when that clay starts to move on the inside of you, and you feel your own bones break and move and be put back in places they weren't before, and then this worm like flesh colored substance takes over and rebuilds you on the inside. NO I WAS MEANT TO BE BUILT AND REBUILT BY GOD ALONE. THIS WORLD IS A LIE. It is an abomination, and who made it that way? Greed. Power. More more more me me me, gimme gimme gimme, thats who. THEY SAY CONSUME AND OBEY, REBELLION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Oh really? Okay. We'll see. I have so much more to say but I cant right now. Also, the emotional thing...They never did get just how much their words hurt. And w hen you speak over someone, it creates MATTER that then connects to the persons DNA. Think before you speak. SERIOUSLY. Please. I beg of you. Peace.


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