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Shadows Of Fantasia........
by I Fear Who I Am Beco

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The Truth...


In 2015, I got sick with ' Morgellons ' and Lyme Disease and was suddenly an explosion of infestation of parasite. All of a sudden, mind you. I tried to get doctors to help but to no avail. So, I did what anyone with a brain would do, and I started doing my own research, first of my physical symptoms. It led me to Morgellons. I had the lesions, the fibers, I went through it all, all while having this parasitic like worm grow bigger and bigger inside of my body, and feeling this black fluid take over my veins and brain. Enemas helped for a while, but then even those couldn't pull it down. 

During this, I was seemingly followed, and harassed and stalked by certain people, and started hearing chirping noises, that sound like a dying smoke detector. I will cut to the chase here and tell you that it led me to the phenomina known as ' Targeted individuals '. If I had not gone through what I have, I would never have believed this world could be quite as bad as it is. Do your own research, this is just my experiences. I grew up Pentacostal Christian, loved Jesus very much, but when I was 16, due to trauma at home, I left and went to Michigan, where my self chosen ' godparents ' had offered me a '' safe '' place to live. That turned out interesting, as the husband was not exactly morally right in the head, and I had gotten into smoking drugs, ( incidentally, that pushed my symptoms down, this worm thing hates what I smoked ) ANYWAYS, I was ripe for manipulation, put it that way. I was innocent as can be, homeschooled, never stayed in a place like that before. Detroit, Michigan is a horrible terrible place, don't stay there. Just don't. Its gangstalker central for one thing. 

5 years ago, I had a ' awakening ' where I both saw the world for the awful place it is, and saw the realms of the spirit, both sides. Maybe more than that even. I have tangible proof that they hypnotized me without my permission, used their brain swapping technology on me, put me in endless loops, street theater, realm and dimension shifting, time travel, time alterations. MUCH MORE. You have no idea. I wish I had the time to write it all down here. They even made it so this thing in my body squeezed so tight in head and neck that I almost lit myself on fire with a cigarette. Even when I would light my cig, there was a spark, sometimes from hairs on my head, sometimes on the ground itself. And I would light it and hear a BOOM down at the end of the driveway, trying to make me think there was an explosion going to happen. Much goes on that most people cannot see. They have technology which allows them to walk right into your home, and at first its usually moving little things around, or stealing something small to see if you even notice, testing boundaries to see what they can get away with. 

I remember a time they came up behind me ( nothing visable mind you ) and made the hannibal lector sound right in my ear. Or blowing in my ear. I have pulled a device from my ear, and had a huge thing dislodge in my head when I took DMSO, a solvant. Yes, we have had to do to extreme measures to get this nano technology and parasites out of our bodies. Some are so infested, they gave up and commited suicide, including my friend Janet Murray. Or so they say. Time will tell if she was taken somewhere or actually died. 

I could type here all day and it wouldn't make a real difference. Unless you, the people believe us. We have proof of things, come hang out with us for a day and you will see how we are targeted both remotely and in person. It is not a joke, and WE who have been targeted, only wish we were really crazy. 

If they can't succeed in making others think you are insane to the extent that it lands you in psychiatric care, they will hit you with lower energy frequencies that trigger depression, sadness, rage, self loathing, lots of things, in an attempt to make you act out and get arrested, or kill yourself. 

The thing is, Im not really trying to speak to the shadow government, because they do what they do and we do what we can do about it. I am speaking here to the gangstalkers, the ones who are actulally paid in one way or another to torment us. Why? Are you really that heartless and soulless to believe what they tell you about us targets? Even if you watched us do something bad on camera or some for screen, or even in real time, there ARE ALWAYS EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES behind things. Ask US.Talk to US. Stop believing the lies the handlers tell you, and communicate with us in person,. and we will explain why we have done whatever it is they are saying, or that we didn't do it at all! Be human. Its important. Not just for us but for your own soul. You may think its too late, may think you sold your soul long ago, but the TRUE Jesus can help. The TRUE Creator loves you. I do feel anger towards you, I cannot lie about it, but I also feel empathy. Who hurt you so much that this could possibly enter your head as a good idea? My words, my life may not impact you to do the right thing, but for the sake of the future generation, STOP IT,. Some of you are involved in child or teen or adult human trafficking. So caught up in the ' game ' you cant see that checkmate is already pre programmed. The winners are always the house, remember that. I dont know,. maybe my words will fall on deaf ears, but maybe someday one of you will see this and stop the game. Get out of the program and stop putting people in it who you don't even know deserve it. Turn your skills that you have to helping others succeed and not fail. Not die. Just stop it. HUMAN. Have a heart. You were given it for a purpose and hurting others is not it. 

And as far as Lyme, it is a bioweapon. And I can prove it. 

I have a lot more to say, but it would take a whole books worth to tell all of what they have done to me. Times are changing faster than you can blink. HAVE NO FEAR, Keep your frequency up by being happy however you have to do that, and enjoy nature, learn what plants are around you, and I strongly urge you to get to know your neighbors. Trust me you are gonna need all the ' nature ' skills you posess for what is coming. What is coming is either terrible or good, depending on your view but be careful, be safe and again NO FEAR. Not in this atmosphere. 

Love each other. Time is shorter then you realize. 

Love and light to all of you. <3

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