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Shadows Of Fantasia........
by I Fear Who I Am Beco

previous entry: Please...Wake...Up.

Finally Going To Write It...


When I would talk, people would bear with it, but you could see them filling up with irritation, impatience, I am not sure what it was. VERBAL used to be my best skill, but writing wasn't far behind. I allowed the trauma of my life and the torture I endure to stop me from writing for years. The worst years of my life. Its the worst now, for a different reason. I think I word cursed myself by saying it was time for the outside to match the inside. I TAKE IT BACK, BREAK IT SMASH IT DESTROY IT. When you comprehend for real what being a co CREATOR means, you will shut up, fast. Yep, I am taking my own advice. Love you guys. Need to save some for my book. Writing a book of all the people and things in my life, might just get me a bestseller even if its the science fiction section cuz that's what people will think my life is when they read it. But I am going to be brave. It will be TRUTH, and nothing but, so help me GOD. Love and TRUE light to all of you from the Father of Lights. <3

previous entry: Please...Wake...Up.

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All the best with writing the book!

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