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Shadows Of Fantasia........
by I Fear Who I Am Beco

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Do Not Judge. Cant Believe I Have Nowhere To Put This Except For Right Here...


So I was thinking about our almost conversation last night, and how I kinda froze like a deer in the headlights when it came to talking about sex. Sorry about that. Normally that doesnt happen, but as I said I am better with the writing side than verbals, and maybe I need some practice with the vocal side of things.

Gonna kinda approach this like I would anything else, which is with all of my heart and see how it goes. Sooo. Anyone who tells you that women can't please a girl like a guy can is 99% of times a dude. I cant tell you the number of times I was in public, minding my own business, and men started up conversations with me, not at all subtly hitting on me and when they found out I was in a relationship with a woman, isntead of being respectful as should be in ANY type of interaction, I can not count the numerous times they would say ' Well thats just because you havent had the right guy yet ', Or, well you haven't had the rick dick yet' Or my PERSONAL favorite, ' You havent tried me yet '. Gag me with a spork, because idk what person would find any of those things a turn on, but hey, I digress. Not my problem. Cept back then I was so sweet and nice that I allowed alot of shitty things to happen to me because I WAS pure hearted and didnt want to cause a problem. HOW SICK IS THAT. Anyways. Moving right along. 

Like I said before, a girl has to make love to my soul before anything else, and yeah I have had hookups but Im generally talking about someone I am really into, and maybe want to pursue a relationship with. 

Now then. You asked me about my fetishes? I like whips, and hate nipple clamps. Love strap on's, hate clit clamps. Because I have a high pain tolerance, people actually have to, REALLY hurt me to hurt me if that makes sense. I find...Sensuality in things like kisses that last a long time, looking into her eyes, finding out what makes her moan, what makes her body tremble, listening for that sharp intake of breath when your lips find just the right spot. Tracing every part of her with your fingers, like...Memorizing. Hm. Then on the other hand, I sometimes like having her wrists bound ( which takes absolute trust ) and using something as simple as a feather to gently, tease in all kinds of places because hey, whatcha gonna do about it? 

You asked me if I liked eating pussy, the answer is of course I do lol. I love finding each and every spot that is pleasure zone, and amplifying it her. Or in simpler terms, I love using my tongue, alternating between licking and sucking the clit, using my fingers too but when it comes to the strap on there are SO many different kinds, but I think one of my favorites is the one where both women are being penetrated at same time, one dick is smaller than the other, to accomidate the one on top. ANYWAYS, with those its a whole different ballgame, and the one using it on the other? THAT is a big part of where that primal force you are talking about comes in. Because when you, as a woman thrust deep inside another woman, deeper than anyone has ever gone, where there is no doubt of exactly how you feel about her, and look into her eyes? You get this feeling that rises up in yourself like...The word ' MINE ' seems to come to alot of peoples minds, like something just takes you over on the inside, and you start acting like you have done this all  your life, like a memory comes back almost, because...Maybe you werent you in another existence. Anyways, its hard to explain, but its sexual, and magical. Yeah theres...Not really going back after that on some levels. But yes going down on a girl is one of my favorite things to do, but theres so many different ways to make someone orgasm before you even get that far, and if I am with someone, I am not finished until she has has multiple orgasms, please tell me that has happened to you? Having literal back to back ones, like someone flipped a switch, and you just cant stop them from happening until your body is completely worn out, but your mind is begging for more? Yeah. I could write you a story explaining how to do this, but I find showing is much more effective, Though I think you like words too....I aim to please. No really, I have given this some thought, and...If you did have an experience with me, I can promise you that you wouldnt be unhappy with it. But anyone can say that, right? I know this whole thing has been really basic, and I could have expounded a whole lot more, and maybe sometime I will. But I guess I just need you to know that the sex thing? IS NOT a prerequisite for me...Loving you. I have explored my soul on this one. I have never met anyone like you. Im not sure you yet comrehend how dark I truly am, but I adore you and you soul, your mind, your beautiful heart that beats for others even more than yourself. THAT is sexy to me more than anything. I have never ever ever wanted to get to know someone the way I want to know you. And...I hope thats okay. 

previous entry: Dont Get Too Close...

next entry: And GOD...SPEED. 

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