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The Insanity that is Me
by bifempagan

previous entry: Starting over again

Who's Who in my life, those I talk about a lot


Da Hubband- My ex-husband, the man I was with for almost 9 years, who I separated from in October of 11. In June of 12, he went home to Alabama, and it doesn’t look like he’s coming back any time soon.    escribed by Da Bruver’s (see below) ex thing as a “long haired-hippie looking freak” The only daddy Goober knew until he was 10

Aspie Boy- My oldest child.  Asperger’s, adhd, my baby. Now lives with some friends, after being homeless for a while.

Fishie- My middle child, and non-binary.  Cute, loyal, social butterfly. 

Goober- My youngest. All boy, rough, rowdy and hell on two feet.  AKA Spawn.  Friendly, outgoing, talkative, adhd.  Suspect autism. Formerly on the school cross country and wrestling teams, and drama geek! Currently graduated from the alternative high school, and living with friends.

BOB- AKA Bitch in/of the Basement or the Troll, The woman who gave birth to me, Egg-donor.  My mother.  We do not get along most of the time.  Tend towards violent outbursts from time to time. My mother passed away the day before Father’s Day of 2018

Big Bro- My older biological brother.  He’s retired military, an ex-military police officer.  My mother couldn’t have been more proud of him, he was perfection embodied in her mind.  He’s a good person, and tried to help Da Hubband and me out when he could. When the house we were living in was condemned, and we couldn’t find a house for all seven of us, he took my parents with him.

SIL- Big Bro’s wife.  His high school sweetheart.  She’s been my best friend and my worst enemy all rolled into one, because of my immaturity and our inability to share my brother.  Once I grew up and matured, and she realized I was perfectly happy with my relationship with my brother as it was, our relationship  improved considerably.  It improved even more when she had my nephew.

Da Neffew- My precious little nephew who is on the opposite end of the spectrum from my boys.

Sis-My best friend, adopted sister.  She’s been my best friend since we met when we were sophomores in high school, about a week after my 15th birthday.  I love this lady more than any other friend I’ve ever had

Da Bruver- My best guy friend, adopted little brother.  I’ve known him since he was a frosh and I was a Sr, met him while my high school choir was at a competition.  Instant friends.  WAS a FWB for a brief time, then became nothing more than my little brother.  Loved him as much as I do my husband, but differently. He was married to one of my closest friends, and my roommate from when I was in the Navy. Passed away suddenly March of 2021.

Bama– a Bruver’s wife, my former roommate, and one of my bestest best friends ever who will always be my friend, because she knows WAY too much about me! But, seriously, she’s been a good friend to me from the beginning, and is one of the few people I know who will always be there for me, even if she’s unable to physically be there, I know she’s a phone call away. She is one who is my conscience when mine is severely malfunctioning.  

Big Sister/cousin person– Bama’s oldest, who is Fishie’s former foster sister, who calls Fish her sister-cousin-person. Currently living with her boyfriend and her son.

Bean– Bama’s younger daughter, and middle child. Fishie’s other big sister. Love her to death. Currently divorcing her high school sweetheart living with her son, and back home with Bama

Demon– Bama and Bruver’s son.  His nickname here is very close to his name, and that’s the only reason I’m using that for him.  He’s so far from being a demon most of the time.

**HIM**  (AKA *Sweetie*) Da Hubband’s former co-worker whom I had a huge lust for.  I developed an odd obsession with him… For about a year, I had this odd thing for him, to wit just seeing him would reduce me to a teenaged puddle of goo that was incapable of coherent speech around him.  Thankfully, I got past this and am now able to talk to him. We talked about my crush, and things have progressed beyond just friends with him.  I know he loves me, and I feel the same.  When my children and I lost our home, he and his now ex-wife moved us in with them.  In many ways, I’m living my dream. Now I just have to figure out what I’m DOING with it!

**Wife** or **HW** ** HIS** ex-wife.  We share so many things (not to mention her hubby&hellip and think so much alike, sometimes it’s a little odd. Very difficult to describe what she did to our family.  There is a great deal of bitterness towards her for me, still.

Wifey My ex-lover. She’s still one of my best friends, and I still love her more than any other woman in my life, but I know that the physical aspect of our relationship is over.  She has some pretty serious medical issues (that make mine look like a cakewalk), and I worry about her A LOT. So, I’ll be venting in here about her once in a while. 

JarheadThe now former friend and roommate.  He was a very good friend, until some things happened that I simply cannot forgive or forget.

RDP Three people that we know that we’ve been friendly with, but I’m not entirely sure I count them among our friends for now.  I will occasionally refer to them by their individual initials, R, D and P.

Da Evul Ex-My ex-husband, Aspie Boy and Fishie’s bio-dad

Step-bitch- My former best friend, until I discovered she and my husband (Da Evul Ex) were having an affair.  They’re now married.  Surprisingly, I have no hard feelings for them because of it.  They’re so disgustingly happy, I can’t hold it against them!

SpermDonor- Goober’s bio-dad.  I don’t talk about him much, but I will when he starts becoming a bigger part of Goober’s life.  They are talking pretty regularly

I’ll be adding to this with people I talk about a lot.  I know people like to know who the *eff* the people mentioned are.  I know *I* do when reading others’ diaries/blogs/journals, etc.

previous entry: Starting over again

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Thank You for this guide.

[ZenJenZ|0 likes] [|reply]

Love a good character list, yo! How old are Goober, Fishie and Aspie boy?

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