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BeautyintheStruggle's Diary
by BeautyintheStruggle

06.23.2023 - Bent Not Broken (Part 1)


Bent Not Broken
Part 1

It used to be us against the world but forever came too soon.
My life crumbled around me, a love song turned into a horror tune.
Sitting on the cold bathroom floor, alone in the dark, shaking with fear.
With my thoughts racing through my head, the answer was clear.

Bottle of pills next to my bed, poured them out onto my hand.
Tears rolling down my face, thoughts getting faster and harder to withstand
Flashes of images started to flood; moments of laughter and happiness.
A broken heart now accompanied with a soul full of emptiness.

Things went dark, was this the end? Woke up to a knock, and realization set in.
I looked at the bottle next to my bed, did I just survive a cosmic sin?
Dizzy with haze, foggy with regret, it was time to get up and face another day.
The days were no longer full of color, they all faded to gray.

To be continued....

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