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A Collection of Recipes
by BartendersBestfriend
Hello & WELCOME to Bartender's Bestfriend, a collection of recipes for Cocktails & Mocktails right at your fingertips!
For easy browsing, all alcoholic drinks are marked with a (C) and all mocktails are marked with an (M), or you can use the convienent index below!

I welcome you to try these recipes, and hope you will come back & let us know how they tasted when you do! All reviews are VERY welcome!

The Cocktails

Bacon Vodka
Liquid Cocaine
Pink Panty Pull Down
Bloody Maria
Mint Julep

The Mocktails

Mock Champagne
Citrus Mint Cooler
Mint Julep
Coconut Key Lime Momtini
Miami Vice

Please Note...

If you have a recipe you'd like to share, PLEASE feel free to send me a message, and I will get it posted ASAP, and if you'd like, provide credit & a link back to your diary.

15 entries
05/23/2010(C) Hurricane
05/23/2010(M) Hurricane
05/23/2010(C) Miami Vice
05/23/2010(M) Miami Vice
05/23/2010(C) Mint Julep
05/23/2010(M) Mint Julep
05/23/2010(C)Bloody Maria
05/23/2010(C)Bacon Vodka

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