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by lady bri.

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♥I don't even feel like going through all of my favorites or anything right now. I'm so upset. I just want to scream and hit something...or someone.

Okay so...once again the drama has started. My ex-friend Mandy has started talking about me again. Telling Tasha, the mother of the lil baby I watch, that I've been taking stuff about her. Which is something that I don't do!! She was putting my job at risk, I get paid to watch that baby, and that money goes to my bills. I NEED that money. But that's screwed up now. I won't be watching the baby anymore.

Tasha was supposed to pay m on Friday. But didn't. She said it'd be Sunday when she went to work. But she called in. But never told me, she just never showed. That, to me, is VERY inconsiderate. So I texted her today to ask when she was going to pay me and she BLOWS UP at me!! I told her that she was inconsiderate, and she said I was childish for calling her that. Then she starts cussing me up and down!!! And telling me that if I was going to have issues like that then she didn't want me watching her child.


I'm just so tired of this crap!!! I'm done. SOOOOO far past done!!

I'm ready to snap....and I PROMISE that won't be pretty!

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previous entry: Another.Dizzy.Day.


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That is really shitty. I hope you get paid soon, and Tasha realizes she's an idiot for believing those lies about you.

[crazy dazyStar|0 likes] [|reply]

That's messed up.
She needs to pay you.
Were you able to talk to her bout the things she said?
I hope things get better and work out soon.

[♥ Claire BearStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Oh my God, really? That's pathetic and I'm sorry. Some people need to learn how to just LET things go. :|

[Ms. Jack|0 likes] [|reply]

that's completely inconsiderate of her! people are so immature.
i'm sorry
hope it works out '

[simply.loveStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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